Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The King of Dramas episode 15

Kim Myung Min as Anthony Kim and Jung Ryu Won as Lee Go Eun
Episode 15 of The King of Dramas introduced the beginnings of obvious mutual attraction between Go Eun and Anthony. Their magnetism was an underlying theme throughout the earlier 14 episodes, but they have both come to realize it now. I love the subtly and reality of their relationship. Anthony, whose mantra is that one should be able to abandon their own father to make a successful drama, is slowly starting to understand that people are more important than ratings. These two characters aren't compromising everything they dream about to love each other, they are just two people who like each other more as they get to know each other. Although this episode ends with Anthony missing an important meeting that could skyrocket the success of his production company because of his desperation to get a sick Go Eun to the hospital, I hope that in episode 16 he can find a balance between the pursuit of his dream and his affection for Go Eun.

Choi Si Won as Kang Hyun Min

Oh Ji Eun as Sung Min Ah

I am also curious to see how the relationship between Hyun Min and Sung Min Ah develops. They are so different from each other; Hyun Min is greedy and childish while Min Ah is sophisticated and calculating. I love their antics, but I don't see how they could come together romantically. Clearly Min Ah is still in love with Anthony, but Anthony is falling for Go Eun. Min Ah's efforts to tie herself and Anthony together with the production company contract didn't even work. So, I imagine that she will be single at the end of this drama. We'll have to wait and see if another ship is formed, the Hyunah ship.

Yes, this is what I am doing on Christmas morning, just writin' for my blog. I wish everyone who is viewing my blog a happy and warm holiday season. I will post again on New Year's Day with my Best Korean Dramas of 2012 final list!

Watch The King of Dramas episode 15 with English subtitles http://www.viki.com/channels/9887-king-of-drama/videos/84354

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Miss You (Missing You) episode 13

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon and Park Yoo Chun as Han Jung Woo
Episode 13 of I Miss You was certainly an emotional roller coaster ride. It started off with an intimate moment between Han Jung Woo and the newly found (to him) Soo Yeon. When he recalled the moment on the bus when their lips touched, I couldn't help but tear up a bit. They finally had their first real kiss, and it was INTENSE. It looked like they were devouring each other. These two actors have great chemistry together in my book. I just wish that they weren't crying while they kissed. At this point the tear count in this show must be reaching into the millions, and it's becoming insincere and show-y.

This kiss! Yowza!

Jung Woo and Soo Yeon recalling childhood memories, as they always do
After their kiss, Jung Woo and Soo Yeon reminisced and had a sweet moment at the playground where they hung out as kids. Here's my problem: they remember everything they said to each other. I get that the flashbacks and rehashing of memories are dramatic techniques to create parallels for us viewers to the past, but I think it's overkill. I really want to see these two adults try to grow up, and accept reality. Their relationship needs to steer away from their childhood one if they ever hope to put that terrible incident in the past. This isn't their only obstacle to lovin', though, we can't forget about Kang Hyung Joon. He sits in his creepy surveillance room and watches Soo Yeon's every move, and I don't think he is going to give her up easily. I do pity him in a way because his life was screwed up by Jung Woo's father, but I also find him unsettling. I think that the ties between Hyung Joon and Jung Woo's family are darker and more twisted than has been revealed yet, so hopefully the future episodes will shed light on Hyung Joon beyond the despair we've already seen.

Yeppeo YEH!
Watch I Miss You (Missing You) episode 13 with English subtitles http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/missing-you/

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Perfect Korean Drama

This summer I started to jot some ideas down for what I would like to see in a Kdrama. I never really went anywhere with it, and I only listed out a few bullet points, but I have been wanting to elaborate on that idea for months. Since the holidays are nearing and things are slowing down at work, I decided that I will start creating my idea of the perfect Korean drama. I don't know how far I will go with it, but I feel ambitious about this project at the moment. I will post continuously as I come up with more. Now, clearly it will all be written in English by an American person, so I guess it would be more accurate to say that I will be writing a Korea-style drama, and, obviously, it will star my favorite Korean celebrities.

Here are my ideas so far:

  • I want to see Onew in a Kdrama, so he WILL be in mine. That's the first and most important idea that I came up with. I think that Lee Jin Ki is adorable and funny, and I want to see him in a Korean drama ASAP. He will also have at least 2 songs on the OST.
Lee Jin Ki aka Onew of SHINee

  • I need Moon Chae Won. What female Kdrama fan wouldn't go gay for Moon Chae Won? Anyway, I digress. In my drama Chae Won will play an actress, and I want her to refer to the Chaeki ship in a funny way. 

Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi
  • Song Joong Ki will make a cameo appearance. Now, I should be saying that I want him to star in my drama, right? Well, I think that it would be cooler if he made a cameo as himself and has an encounter with Moon Chae Won who is portraying an actress who has a crush on him and wants to work with him, but she isn't making progress in the acting world yet.... something like that.
Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Ru
  • Lee Min Ho will be the lead and will have sexy kissing scenes with Moon Chae Won. This seems so obvious to me that I didn't even list it first. So, to clarify, I want Onew in my drama, but I don't foresee him as a lead actor, not yet anyway.
Lee Min Ho
  • I want the drama to start in Seoul, but end up in the country. I love the beautiful scenery and the interesting country-folk characters.
  • At first I thought I wanted a supernatural element (because I enjoy them) like in those time-travel or body-swapping Kdramas (see Rooftop Prince and Secret Garden), but I changed my mind on that, at least for now. The great thing about a Kdrama is that the supernatural element could also come in later.
  • I want it to be funny and dramatic, but not depressing. What really turns me off about some romantic comedies is that they get too dark and sad around the end. Some dramas balance this well (like Dream High and Coffee Prince) while others make it unbearable (my example is Starts Falling From the Sky, it became way too depressing and not funny).
Here are some dramas that mine will be inspired by: Invincible Lee Pyung Kang, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Innocent Man (very slightly), The Vineyard Man, Answer Me 1997.

Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

This is all I have for now. I came up with most of this while I was writing it, so some of it probably won't make sense to anyone except for me (even then...), but I hope to work things out as I forge ahead in my grand project. Bookmark my blog and keep checking back to see what crazy things develop in my mind as I try to create the perfect and best Korean drama.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The King of Dramas

I am not completely caught up with The King of Dramas yet (I am on episode 9), but I had to post something because I can't contain it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama. It is very interesting to watch a dramatized show about the making of Korean Dramas. It's so very postmodern. I never really know what to expect with each new episode (yes, their will be someone trying to stand in Anthony's way to stop Gyeongsong's Morning from airing), and I am hooked. In fact, I watched 7 episodes over the weekend. But, I almost didn't watch this drama because it looked boring, so I wanted to post this in case anyone else is on the fence.

Kim Myung Min as Anthony Kim
Kim Myung Min is Anthony Kim the aforementioned King of dramas. He will do anything to succeed, which caused his own downfall when someone died during the making of a popular drama. Now, he is trying to make his comeback, and is slowly learning that people are just as important as statistics and ratings. I love Anthony. Even though Myung Min is quite a bit older than me (16 years older, to be exact), I think he is sexy and a badass.

Jung Ryu Won as Lee Go Eun
Jung Ryu Won is Lee Go Eun the newbie drama writer who became unfortunately linked to Anthony during the making of Elegant Revenge (the aforementioned drama that started Anthony's downfall). She is spunky, smart, and awesome. She is learning from Anthony how to balance her empathy with his coldness to become successful in the drama world. She doesn't take crap from Anthony, and fights for her script every step of the way.

Choi Si Won as Kang Hyun Min
Choi Si Won is hilarious as Hyun Min. I would love to know if he got the inspiration for this character from some celebrity he knows (a member of Super Junior maybe?). I know he didn't write this character, but he can portray the snotty, stupid, and greedy Hyun Min perfectly. When he whines to his mom or demands to be deemed the main lead of the drama, I never once felt that he was a caricature of celebrity, it feels very genuine in a strange way.

I can't wait to watch more of this show, so I am going to end this post here, and I will write more later!

Watch The King of Dramas with English Subtitles http://www.viki.com/channels/9887-king-of-drama

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Korean Movies

The King and the Clown poster

Currently I am overwhelming myself with Korean dramas to watch. I am trying to finish Love Rain and May Queen. I am also watching I Miss You, Cheondong-dam Alice, and King of Baking Kim Tak Gu. Despite my feeling of being swamped with things to watch, I have decided I want to start my Korean movie list. Technically I started it last Friday when I saw A Werewolf Boy in Seattle, but I am officially putting this project into motion tonight. Why did I wait so long to start watching Korean movies, you ask? Well, that's because of the aforementioned chaos of my Kdrama schedule. Trying to work full time, have a bit of a social life, and keep up with Korea dramas is already hectic. But, I will forge on in my quest to amass an epic Kdrama, and, now, Korean movie list.

So, the movie I decided to begin this project with (A Werewolf Boy aside) was The King and the Clown. I have heard good things about it, and I am a fan of Lee Jun Ki. I think this was a great place to start. This movie explores the relationship formed between the Chosun King Yeonsan (Jung Jin Young) and two wild clowns (Lee Jun Ki and Kam Woo Sung). Jun Ki plays the feminine Gong Gil whose portrayal of the King's royal consort earns his majesty's attention. The King, clearly a troubled fellow, begins to look for Gong Gil constantly. I am haunted by the things that the King did based upon the performances by the clowns. This film captures the insanity of the man's life. Sadly, the innocent Gong Gil is pulled into the King's chaos and so the clowns suffer. I laughed, I cried, and I also thought about the danger of power. 

Next I plan on watching My Sassy Girl, Cyrano Agency, and The Thieves with Kim Soo Hyun.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Full House Take 2 Final Episode 32 (16 part 2)

Hwang Jung Eum as Jang Man Ok and No Min Woo as Lee Tae Ik
I try to act cool and tell myself that I didn't like this drama because it is so cheesy, but I have to be honest with myself now guys. I did enjoy it. Now, to clarify, I wasn't impressed with the overall plot, and there were things that didn't really make sense (Kang Hwi's family story seemed important, but the surface was barely even scratched), but the show had two things going for it. First there is Park Ki Woong, who is adorable and bursting with charisma, second is No Min Woo's excellent ability to portray a complete DIVA as Tae Ik.

Park Ki Woong as Won Kang Hwi and Tae Ik
In this final episode the story jumped 6 moths into the future to reveal how the conflicts have come to a resolution. In the end Baek Go Dong (Lee Seung Hyo) found fame as the replacement for Kang Hwi next to Tae Ik in the group Take 2 (how original?), Han Ga Ryun (Kim Do Yun, love her!) continued to stalk Kang Hwi and Take 2 with the French-speaking girl and that con artist for their publication, Kang Hwi got the eye surgery and was able to see again and perform with Tae Ik as Take 1, and Man Ok worked at the Tae Kwon Do  house while studying fashion. It ended exactly as I imagined, everything was tied up in a nice bow and everyone was happy (except LJ, of course, because he's the bad guy). Obviously Man Ok and Tae Ik ended up together and Tae Ik gained back ownership of Full House also. I got a little teary-eyed at the very end because of how sweet Tae Ik ended up being to Man Ok, but I'm still team Kan Hwi, don't get it twisted.

Man Ok and Tae Ik love
So, I am glad I watched this drama, but it's not one that I will watch again. And if I were to have directed the final episode, I would have ended Take 1's performance with Kang Hwi and Tae Ik kissing again because that was honestly the best part of the show.

My sweet Kang Hwi
Watch Full House Take 2 with English subtitles http://www.viki.com/channels/536-full-house-2

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Werewolf Boy

Song Joong Ki as Chul Soo the werewolf boy
My getting to see this film has an entire back story. First of all, the closest theater to me that is playing it is near Seattle. I live a bit outside of Portland, OR, so my friend Warren (check out his blog http://warrenelburrito.blogspot.com/) and I drove for about 4 hours to see it. Once in the theater, we were two of four non-Asian people in the showing. It was quite an adventure, and the drive was well worth it to experience this movie. Also, this post contains no spoilers!

Park Bo Young as Soon Yi and Song Joong Ki as Chul Soo
This film truly showcases Song Joong Ki's subtle awesomeness. Even though his character Chul Soo isn't completely human, he manages to display a full range of human emotion with great depth. I must also note that Chul Soo speaks little more than a dozen words in the entire movie, so Joong Ki is conveying every feeling through facial expressions and body movements. The way he begins to shake slightly and his eyes light up when Soon Yi (Park Bo Young) enters the room is adorable like a happy puppy. And when Soon Yi is in need of protection, Joong Ki is also able to become a frightening monster with hatred burning in his eyes. I think this movie when paired with Innocent Man (a Korean Drama also starring Joong Ki) proves that he is a greatly talented actor and someone who can capture the hearts of people around the world.

Soon Yi and Chul Soo
Other than Joong Ki's amazing-ness, the story in A Werewolf Boy is lovely as well. I won't say that it is anything that hasn't been done before, but the perfect execution of it in this film shines. Joong Ki's expressiveness combined with Park Bo Young's quiet sadness is heart wrenching. I will say that this movie lacked sexiness. I never felt anything more than innocent sparks fly between Soon Yi and Chul Soo, but I think that's for the best given their situation. They certainly loved each other, though, and they found ways to communicate that transcend the norm. Since Chul Soo was not educated by humans and couldn't speak, read, or write, him and Soon Yi communicated with each other through trust. Their connection overpowered the forces working against them.

Soon Yi and her werewolf boy
Overall, I am very glad that I drove 8 hours round trip to see A Werewolf Boy. It has funny, scary, and sad moments, and the countryside scenery is breathtaking. I kind of wish this were a drama so I could watch 18 more hours of it.

North American release of A Werewolf Boy:

November 30, 2012

Los Angeles, CA – CGV Cinemas
Irvine, CA – University Town Center
Fullerton, CA – Regal La Habra
Las Vegas – Regal Village Square 18

December 7, 2012

San Diego, CA – AMC Fashion Valley
San Francisco, CA – Century 20 Daly City
Seattle – AMC Alderwood
Dallas – AMC Grapevine Mills
Chicago – AMC Showplace Niles
Atlanta – AMC Colonial
Philadelphia – AMC Plymouth Meeting
New Jersey – AMC Ridgefield Park
New York – AMC Empire
New York – Cinemart Cinemas 5
Honolulu – Consolidated Pearlridge
Vancouver – Cineplex Silvercity Coquitlam
Toronto – Cineplex Odeon Yonge & Dundas
Toronto – Cineplex Odeon Sheppard

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cheongdam-dong Alice episode 1

Park Shi Hoo as Cha Seung Jo
I will get the obvious out of the way first, yes this show is just like every other Korean romantic comedy so far. Since I have only watched the first episode, I am basing this off of very little, but I don't imagine anything groundbreaking and innovative happening in this drama. This drama does not seem to be promising anything new either, though, since the title is a play on the old fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. This first episode of Cheongdam-dong Alice begins by introducing Jean Thierry Cha (Park Shi Hoo) who is passionately explaining the importance of price to Korean women for luxury brand items. As we learn later on in the episode, Mr. Cha is a little bit nuts and is out for revenge against a gold-digging ex-girlfriend and his father. So far he has had a few chance run ins with the female lead Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) in which he misunderstands her, and she becomes overly emotion in front of him.

Moon Geun Young as Han Se Kyung
Se Kyung is introduced first in a job interview at GN Fashion where Seung Jo's (Jean Theirry Cha) ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be Se Kyung rival from school, is the Madame. Yes, it is another drama in which the female lead wants to become a fashion designer despite her poor family background and lack of personal contact with luxury products. Not that this is a common theme only in the Korean media, (because it is also prevalant in American entertainment as well ala The Devil Wears Prada) but it will be intertesting to see if they can take it in a different direction in this case. Generally this theme at first seems to point out the flaws of judging a woman solely on her ability to procure luxury brand-name items, but then it quickly circles back and shows that if a woman works hard she can have these items and look pretty too for the guy she likes to notice her. I hope that Se Kyung is able to gain recognition on her own accord without leaning upon the assistance of crazy Seung Jo's revenge against Seo Yoon Joo (So Yi Hyun). I also hope that Se Kyung doesn't end up showing up to a fancy party wearing designer clothes for Seung Jo to realize she's pretty (bleck).

Park Shi Hoo acting delightfully insane
To put aside the criticism, so far I am entertained by this drama. The first episode is eventful to say they least. There is a car crash (Seung Jo and Se Kyung's first meeting), a break up, wildly-expensive diamonds, crazy laughter galore, and a cat-fight with girls dressed in school uniforms. Clearly this introduction episode is begging to attract viewers attention. So, with the combination of Park Shi Hoo's dazzling teeth and Moon Geun Young's bad luck, I am definitely enticed. I am ready for more.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Chronological Kdrama List (with statistics!) OUT OF DATE

Lee Min Ho in Personal Taste

I haven't revealed this to anyone until now. It is the list of Korean Dramas that I have watched with the dates that I finished them. I think it certainly proves how serious my addiction is at this juncture in my life. Keep in mind that I did watch many of them in a marathon fashion, but some of them I did start and then watch slowly over a period of time, so the finish date may be a bit deceiving on a few. The list is formatted with the drama name, the number of episodes, and the date that I completed it (Drama | number of eps | date). Some dramas are listed multiple times because I watched them multiple times. The dramas at the end of the list haven't been completed and only list the amount of episodes I have watched out of the total amount there are.
Visit mydramalist.com

I've been watching Kdramas for: 1 year 5 months
Total hours watched: 2079
That's about: 87 days
Last updated: August 29th

1. My girlfriend is a Gumiho | 16 | 3/8

2. Secret Garden | 20 | 3/14

3. Shining Inheritance | 28 | 3/19

4. Lie To Me | 16 | 3/21

5. Coffee Prince | 17 | 3/22

6. My Princess | 16 | 3/27

7. Boys Over Flowers | 25 | 3/29

8. Protect the Boss | 18 | 4/1

9. Playful Kiss | 16 | 4/3

10. Personal Taste | 16 | 4/5

11. Pasta | 20 | 4/7

12. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop | 16 | 4/11

13. 49 Days | 20 | 4/13

14. City Hunter | 20 | 4/18

15. Scent of a Woman | 16 | 4/19

16. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho | 16 | 4/24

17. You Are Beautiful | 16 | 4/25

18. Heartstrings | 16 | 4/28

19. My Girl | 16 | 5/1

20. Shut Up Flower Boy Band | 16 | 5/3

21. Prosecutor Princess | 16 | 5/11

22. Personal Taste | 16 | 5/18

23. Sungkyunkwan Scandal | 20 | 5/24

24. Rooftop Prince | 20 | 5/25

25. My Lovely Sam Soon | 16 | 5/29

26. Mary Stayed Out All Night | 16 | 6/4

27. Queen In-Hyun's Man | 16 | 6/11

28. Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge | 10 | 6/16

29. Hana Yori Dango | 9 | 6/20

30. Dream High | 16 | 6/24

31. Princess Hours | 24 | 7/6

32. Wild Romance | 16 | 7/19

33. I Do, I Do  | 16 | 7/20

34. Big | 16 | 7/24

35. I love Lee Tae Ri | 16 | 7/25

36. Hello Miss | 16 | 7/27

37. Hana Kimi | 12 | 7/31

38. Office Girls | 25 | 8/1

39. The Moon That Embraces the Sun | 20 | 8/7

40. Invincible Lee Pyung Kang | 16 | 8/9

41. Spy Myung Wol | 18 | 8/14

42. Stars Falling From the Sky | 20 | 8/22

43. Creating Destiny | 31 | 8/30

44. K-pop Strongest Survival | 14 | 9/4

45. The Vineyard Man | 16 | 9/6

46. Coffee Prince | 17 | 9/16

47. The Greatest Love | 16 | 9/24

48. Haeundae Lovers | 16 | 9/26

49. King 2 Hearts | 20 | 9/27

50. Full House | 16 | 10/1

51. Couple Fantasy | 16 | 10/4

52. To the Beautiful You | 16 | 10/4

53. Answer Me 1997 | 16 | 10/8

54. Baby Faced Beauty | 20 | 10/14

55. Arang and the Magistrate | 20 | 10/21

56. Panda and Hedgehog | 16 | 10/24

57. Faith | 20 | 10/30

58. The Princess' Man | 24 | 11/10

59. Innocent Man | 20 | 11/16

60. I Need Romance | 16 | 11/27

61. Bridal Mask | 28 | 11/30

62. A Gentleman's Dignity | 20 | 12/7

63. Full House Take 2 | 16 | 12/14

64. Love Rain  | 20 | 12/15

65. Take Care of the Young Lady  | 16 | 12/22

66. Bread, Love, and Dreams | 30 | 1/5

67. Becoming a Billionaire | 20 | 1/8

68. The King of Dramas | 18 | 1/8

69. I Miss You | 21 | 1/18

70. Autumn in My Heart | 16 | 1/26

71. School 2013 | 16 | 1/28

72. Rooftop Prince | 20 | 1/29

73. Me Too, Flower | 15 | 2/3

74. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho | 16 | 2/10

75. Tamra, the Island | 16 | 2/17

76. Can You Hear My Heart? | 30 | 2/24

77. What's Up Fox? | 16 | 3/1

78. Innocent Man | 20 | 3/3

79. It's OK, Daddy's Girl | 17 | 3/14

80. I'm Sorry, I Love You | 16 | 3/17

81. Flower Boy Next Door | 16 |  3/22

82. Padam Padam | 20 | 3/29

83. That Winter, the Wind Blows | 16 | 4/3

84. Summer Fever | 30 | 4/6

85. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang | 17 | 4/12

86. Fated to Love You | 24 | 4/19

87. Incarnation of Money | 24 | 4/26

88. Ice Adonis | 108 (half hour) | 5/20

89. All About My Romance | 16 | 5/31

90. Gu Family Book | 24 | 6/26

91. When a Man's in Love | 20 | 7/21

92. We Got Married Global Edition | 15 | 7/30

93. Something Happened in Bali | 20 | 7/31

94. Heartless City | 20 | 8/1

95. Shark | 20 | 8/ 2

96. Innocent Man | 20/20 |

97. May Queen | 17/38 |

98. High Kick | 4/167 |

99. Ouran High School Host Club | 3/11 |

100. Cheongdamdong Alice | 10/16 |

101. IRIS | 12/20 |

102. Level 7 Civil Servant | 1/16 |

103. What's Up | 7/20 |

104. You're the Best Lee Soon Shin | 5/50 |

105. Substitute Princess | 11/20 |

106. Personal Taste | 15/16 |

107. Crazy Love | 71/100 (half hour) |

108. Glass Mask | 70/122 |

109. Love Around | 11/15 |

110. Loving You a Thousand Times | 22/55 |

111. Golden Empire | 5/24 |

112. I Hear Your Voice | 16/18 |

113. Barefoot Friends | 5/100 |

114. Good Doctor | 8/20 |

115. Master's Sun | 6/16 |

116. Who Are You | 10/20 |

117. Two Weeks | 1/20 |

Friday, November 30, 2012

I Miss You (Missing You) episodes 7 & 8

Yoon Eun Hye and Park Yoo Chun

I Miss You is frustrating me at this point. There is a lot that should be going on with Jung Woo, Soo Yeon, and Hyung Joon's odd threesome, but I feel as if we have reached an impasse. Jung Woo knows Zoe (or Joy? I'm not sure, and I can't tell when they say it) is Soo Yeon, and I think that Soo Yeon knows that he knows who she is, but they are both playing mind games with each other. So far, I don't feel any romantic chemistry between anyone on the show besides Jung Woo and Soo Yeon's mom. They have a sweet, playful relationship, and they truly seem to care for each other.

As far as Jung Woo's persistent pursuit of Soo Yeon, I think he is so concerned about finding her because he feels guilty for abandoning someone who really thought of him as a friend. If any sparks ignite between Soo Yeon and Jung Woo, it would mean she could forgive him for abandoning her with the rapist, and that's a tall order. Also, I have to mention the relationship between Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon. I personally find it very awkward and creepy. The age difference between Yoo Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho isn't the only odd thing, it's also the fact that they were raised as brother and sister. From what I can tell (based on Soo Yeon rejecting Hyung Joon's kiss in episode 8), Hyung Joon is in love with Soo Yeon, but she is putting on the show of their relationship to torture Jung Woo. I think this tense threesome is going to become twisted even more in the upcoming episodes, as we find out if Soo Yeon killed her rapist, and if she can forgive Jung Woo.

I didn't get many screen caps for these episodes because I am trying to finish a few more Korean Dramas from 2012 before the year ends. I want to write something epic for the end of the year as a Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) gift for anyone who looks at my blog.

Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Full House Take 2 episodes 11 & 12 (21, 22, 23, 24)

No Min Woo and Hwang Jung Eum as Lee Tae Ik and Jang Man Ok
I am so torn after watch Full House Take 2 episodes 11 and 12 (aka episodes 21, 22, 23, and 24). I get a warm, fuzzy feeling from the growing relationship between Lee Tae Ik and Jang Man Ok, but I love Won Kang Hwi too! It is obvious that Man Ok and Tae Ik like each other, but I can't help feeling sorry for Kang Hwi because he liked her first and he's going blind. In these episodes Tae Ik is now living with Man Ok in her grandfather's judo. After a night of drinking and confessing in the tent that Tae Ik is staying in, they wake up to the grandfather's return. I found his return to be very anticlimactic. I mean, Man Ok made a complete mess of things while he was gone, but it doesn't seem to be an issue with them. The show was built upon the premise of her getting away from Taekwondo while her grandfather was gone. I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

As episode 12 part 2 came to an end, I was crying! The episode closes showing Kang Hwi fumbling around blindly in the dark and then calling Man Ok by the mean girl's (Yoo Seol Ah as Jin Se Ryung) name. The love triangle is now at its peak of drama. The teaser for the next week of episodes hints at Tae Ik finally getting back to his goal of obtaining Full House, and also making sure he doesn't lose Man Ok to Kang Hwi.

Park Ki Woong as Won Kang Hwi

A few other random thoughts from these episodes:

  • The road manager Bae Go Dong play by Lee Seung Hyo is cute!
  • I want to go to the sauna with Park Ki Woong and get gold facials.
  • I think Man Ok looks better with straight hair, now she doesn't look more manly than Tae Ik.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Park Ki Woong Amazes Me

Park Ki Woong as Kimura Shunji in Bridal Mask

Ki Woong as Won Kang Hwi in Full House Take 2
I am in the midst of watching both Bridal Mask and Full House Take 2. Watching these two (completely different) dramas simultaneously has made it very clear that Park Ki Woong has wonderful versatility as an actore. As Kimura Shunji in Bridal Mask he is a man controlled by pain. He seeks revenge on someone that he thinks of as a friend, but who has the heart of the girl he has loved for years, not to mention this friend also killed his brother (and I believe kills his father toward the end?). Shunji is a character that I both pity and hate at times. In Full House Take 2, on the other hand, he plays the eternally bright and friendly Won Kang Hwi. I have yet to finish either drama (Full House 2 is currently airing), but I doubt he will get the girl in either story.

Park Ki Woong was born February 13th 1985. Here is a list of the dramas he has been in :

Full House Take 2 (SBS Plus, 2012)
Bridal Mask (KBS2, 2012)
The Musical (SBS, 2011)
The Scary One, The Ghost and I (KBS2, 2010)
Golden Fish (MBC, 2010)
Chuno (KBS2, 2010)
Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (KBS2, 2009)
A Man's Story (KBS2, 2009)
Seoul Warrior Story (MBC DramaNet, 2008)
Love Marriage (KBS2, 2008)
When It's At Night (MBC, 2008)
Drama City (KBS, 2007)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I Miss You (Missing You) episode 5

Yeo Jin Ku as young Han Jung Woo
Episode 5 of I Miss You (Missing You) is the transition episode from childhood to adulthood. The episode carries us from the moment when Han Jung Woo lost detective Kim Sung Ho and his chance at finding Lee Soo Yeon (for now). I can honestly say that I have never hated a soda can as much as I do now. That fucking soda can killed Kim Sung Ho by wedging itself underneath the brake peddle, causing him to roll off a cliff just as he was about to get Soo Yeon back. I am still puzzled at how she didn't notice him screaming and driving wildly in the wrong lane next to her. Did she not want to see him? Was she in shock? Maybe both?

Park Yoo Chun as adult Jung Woo
Now, fast forward to 2012. We find Jung Woo displaying some horrible karoke skills (I LOLed), and then visiting the disgusting guy who raped Soo Yeon in prison. It is clear from the get-go that Jung Woo is A- Insane B- Still looking for Soo Yeon and C- Going to give me lots of good screen cap opportunities. He is also still in contact with Soo Yeon's mother and Sung Ho's daughter Eun Ju, who seems as if she will be entertainingly messy. Now that the adult Jung Woo is a detective and happened upon the case of Michelle Kim's death, we will get to see what will happen when he finds Soo Yeon (now Zoe).

Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Hyung Joon

Yoon Eun Hye as Lee Soo Yeon
Soo Yeon (Zoe) is living with Kang Hyung Joon (Harry Borrison WTF?), the poor little kid that Jung Woo's dad was trying to kill, in the lap of luxury. It is unclear how Hyung Joon became so rich, but Soo Yeon seems to be famous in the fashion industry as she travels from France to Seoul with Hyung Joon. They appear to be a happy couple who hug and talk affectionately to each other, but I am getting more of a noona-dongsaeng vibe from their relationship. Clearly, both Soo Yeon and Jung Woo still find each other in the rain, the wind, and the snow.

After seeing the teaser for epsiode 6, which I hope to watch tomorrow after some early morning shopping on Black Friday, I have to say that I am totally into this drama now and excited for the upcoming episodes.

YEH and I rocking our white Samsung Galaxy Note IIs!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Best Kdramas of 2012 (preliminary)

So, the year 2012 is nearly over, and it is time to look back and begin to make judgement. I started watching Korean Dramas early on this year, therefore, I am new to the game. I have made my best efforts to catch up on the classics, but there is so much to watch and only so many hours in the day. What I am going to do now is make a rough guess at what will be my favorite dramas from 2012. Obviously I didn't watch every single drama that aired this year, so my judgement must be taken with a grain of salt. It is fun to make lists, though, so I will lay down the best Korean Dramas of 2012 here. Please weigh in with your favorites in the comments section.

1. Rooftop Prince

I genuinely love this drama. Mickey Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min make a beautiful couple. I find it to be a hilarious comedy and an emotional romance all rolled in to one. I am a sucker for the ever-funny scenes that take place when a person from the past is thrust into the modern world and bombarded with the substantial advancements of technology since their time. I think Rooftop Prince is by far the best of the time travel dramas that I have seen (Faith, Queen In Hyun's Man, and 3 episodes of Time Slip Dr. Jin).

Mickey Yoo Chun and Han Ji Mia
Watch Rooftop Prince with English subs http://www.dramafever.com/drama/4101/1/Rooftop_Prince/

2. The Innocent Man (Nice Guy)

The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) become a big part of my life for a while (as sad as that sounds). I originally had planned to watch it when it completed airing, but I started this blog on October 20th and decided I need to write about this show because it is daebak. I watched the first 14 episodes over the course of 2 or 3 days (it's all a blur now) and began my screen cap/ blog writing fury. Now that it is over, I feel an emptiness. I am not loyal enough to say that I won't be able to fill the emptiness left by The Innocent Man (Nice Guy), but it might take some time to be replaced in my heart. Song Joong Ki is amazing as Kang Ma Roo because he has an angelic baby face, but does some very bad ass things in the show. Also, I fell in love with Moon Chae Won while watching this drama. She is gorgeous, and I love when she gets to act strong-willed and ferocious.

Moon Chae Won and Seo Eun Gi
Watch The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) with English subs http://www.viki.com/channels/7995-nice-guy

3. Arang and the Magistrate

Arang and the Magistrate is one of the first dramas I wrote about. Watching Korean Dramas to write about them is a very different experience than just watching them, I believe. While I am much more efficient with my time when I watch a drama without worrying about what to write about it, I feel that I get a better insight into the drama when I stop and think about it. With Arang, I was able draw out many beautiful ideas and lessons from this drama during my writing process. It really makes me think about the power of desire and will and how considering other people can be the most rewarding way to live.

Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki
Watch Arang and the Magistrate with English subs http://www.dramafever.com/drama/4133/1/Arang_and_the_Magistrate/

4. Queen In Hyun's Man

Queen In Hyun's Man is one of the best love stories I have seen in a Korean drama. Maybe not everyone will agree with me on that, but that's okay. I think that the love between Kim Bong Do (Ji Hyun Woo) and Choi Hee Jin (Yoo In Na) is pure and sweet. Unlike some Kdramas where the main couple starts off with
a relationship of hate and hostility, they were never tarnished by that dirty feeling of "are these people masochists or what?" that I get from some couples. As a time travel drama, it is almost (but not quite) as amazing as Rooftop Prince. I don't really like to compare these two dramas too much, though, because I think that they each have their own individual spirits. Queen In Hyun's Man is a must-see drama for any Korean drama lover.

Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo making out!
Watch Queen In Hyun's Man with English subs http://www.hulu.com/queen-and-i

5. Reply 1997

Reply 1997 (Answer Me 1997) is a treat. Sung Shi Won (Jung Eun Ji) is such a spunky, relatable female character that it is impossible (for people with warm blood) not to love her. She lives in the world of super fandom and worships her kpop idol with an extreme (almost dangerous) passion. This drama features an array of interesting and well-developed characters that interact flawlessly with each other in their realistic environment spanning from the late 1990's up to present day. The ending has a sweet twist that is both funny, and romantic (clearly, I love that combination), and there is really nothing but joy, youth, and fun (with some tears too) to be had.

Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji
Watch Reply 1997 with English subs http://www.viki.com/channels/9462-replay-1997-answer-me-1997

Honorable mentions: I do, I do and The Moon That Embraces the Sun

Right now I am watching Bridal Mask which seems to be another contender for my 2012 list. I am also watching I Miss You and May Queen too. I will try to get a few more Kdramas from 2012 in before the end of the year so that I can come up with a more accurate judgement of the dramas of this year. Please, please, please tell me if there is something great from this year that I should watch.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) Final Episode 20

Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo
I feel like I can die happy after watching The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) final episode 20. I have been stressing over what tragedy will torment my beautiful Ma Roo-sshi and Eun Gi-yah when this show ends, but my fears were unfounded. I know I am being dramatic about this, but I am in a very vulnerable state right now because I literally just finished watching it. As I went back quickly and gathered a few screen caps of the final scene (through which I wept loudly) I began to cry as I watched it again. Will I be watching The Innocent Man a second time? ABSOLUTELY.

Kang Ma Roo and Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi
When this episode began with Eun Gi rejecting Ma Roo's prosal to run away together, I started to feel doom. Things seemed to get worse and worse in the first half of the episode (I really loved Ma Roo's speech to Han Jae Hee about wanting to live) as Ma Roo began to look like death, and Jae Hee continued to stand her ground about not taking responsibility. That all turns around, though, as Eun Gi learns about Ma Roo's ill-health and runs to him. This is when the ending really begins. Finally, my question is answered about the tunnel collision, also. Ma Roo wanted to end his painful existence and saw a chance in Eun Gi's punishment. How these two came to find love within each other is a beautiful miracle. And I, swear on the Bible, just cried as I wrote that last sentence.

Eun Gi and Ma Roo
In the concluding scenes of this glorious final episode (Han Jae Hee turns herself in, Jae Gil and Choco end up together), we find Eun Gi working at a bakery in a beautiful spot overlooking the river and Ma Roo was a Doctor just down the street. We also discover that after Ma Roo's surgery he lost his memory (this is not the eye-rolling type of memory loss typically found in a Kdrama, it is Ma Roo's chance at a new life and what he had prayed for). Eun Gi and Ma Roo circle around each other like cautious children who have crushes, and it is so lovely to watch the innocent new relationship develop. What I love about that end is that Eun Gi, who remembers all the pain from the past, is able to forgive and trust again (a divine miracle for what she experienced), and Ma Roo is able to erase the guilt he carried for everyone throughout his whole life and find happiness. "Now, I am happy," Ma Roo says. Now, I too, am happy.

Couple rings ^__^
Also, did everyone notice he was smiling during the episode 20 intro?
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