Friday, December 7, 2012

A Werewolf Boy

Song Joong Ki as Chul Soo the werewolf boy
My getting to see this film has an entire back story. First of all, the closest theater to me that is playing it is near Seattle. I live a bit outside of Portland, OR, so my friend Warren (check out his blog and I drove for about 4 hours to see it. Once in the theater, we were two of four non-Asian people in the showing. It was quite an adventure, and the drive was well worth it to experience this movie. Also, this post contains no spoilers!

Park Bo Young as Soon Yi and Song Joong Ki as Chul Soo
This film truly showcases Song Joong Ki's subtle awesomeness. Even though his character Chul Soo isn't completely human, he manages to display a full range of human emotion with great depth. I must also note that Chul Soo speaks little more than a dozen words in the entire movie, so Joong Ki is conveying every feeling through facial expressions and body movements. The way he begins to shake slightly and his eyes light up when Soon Yi (Park Bo Young) enters the room is adorable like a happy puppy. And when Soon Yi is in need of protection, Joong Ki is also able to become a frightening monster with hatred burning in his eyes. I think this movie when paired with Innocent Man (a Korean Drama also starring Joong Ki) proves that he is a greatly talented actor and someone who can capture the hearts of people around the world.

Soon Yi and Chul Soo
Other than Joong Ki's amazing-ness, the story in A Werewolf Boy is lovely as well. I won't say that it is anything that hasn't been done before, but the perfect execution of it in this film shines. Joong Ki's expressiveness combined with Park Bo Young's quiet sadness is heart wrenching. I will say that this movie lacked sexiness. I never felt anything more than innocent sparks fly between Soon Yi and Chul Soo, but I think that's for the best given their situation. They certainly loved each other, though, and they found ways to communicate that transcend the norm. Since Chul Soo was not educated by humans and couldn't speak, read, or write, him and Soon Yi communicated with each other through trust. Their connection overpowered the forces working against them.

Soon Yi and her werewolf boy
Overall, I am very glad that I drove 8 hours round trip to see A Werewolf Boy. It has funny, scary, and sad moments, and the countryside scenery is breathtaking. I kind of wish this were a drama so I could watch 18 more hours of it.

North American release of A Werewolf Boy:

November 30, 2012

Los Angeles, CA – CGV Cinemas
Irvine, CA – University Town Center
Fullerton, CA – Regal La Habra
Las Vegas – Regal Village Square 18

December 7, 2012

San Diego, CA – AMC Fashion Valley
San Francisco, CA – Century 20 Daly City
Seattle – AMC Alderwood
Dallas – AMC Grapevine Mills
Chicago – AMC Showplace Niles
Atlanta – AMC Colonial
Philadelphia – AMC Plymouth Meeting
New Jersey – AMC Ridgefield Park
New York – AMC Empire
New York – Cinemart Cinemas 5
Honolulu – Consolidated Pearlridge
Vancouver – Cineplex Silvercity Coquitlam
Toronto – Cineplex Odeon Yonge & Dundas
Toronto – Cineplex Odeon Sheppard

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