Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 15

While this episode of The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) wasn't as enthralling as some of the previous ones, there were some important plot-moving events that took place. That crazy bitch Jae Hee is still busy trying to keep Eun Gi out of Tae San, of course, but what baffles me is that she is trying to get back with Ma Roo. I mean, come on, does that makes any sense? I don't foresee Ma Roo ever forgiving Jae Hee, but since she is so determined to have him, I am afraid that she will somehow forcibly get him in the coming episodes. Clearly, she is capable of doing anything to acquire what she desires.

Ma Roo and Park Si Yeon as Jae Hee

Also, the inevitable reappearance of Eun Gi's ex-boyfriend finally happened. I had been expecting it because his character, while clearly important in Eun Gi's past, had been largely absent form the story. He is a minor character overall, but his contact with Eun Gi helped trigger her memory of telling Ma Roo that she had her first kiss with him (by the way, when she told him that, as he stood in rain with a deformed face, is one of my favorite scenes of this show so far). I loved the scene in this episode when Ma Roo and Eun Gi passed the couple who were making out, and they looked at each other like, "shall we?" They didn't then because, I believe, Ma Roo feels so guilty about what he caused to happen Eun Gi that he has a hard time letting himself be affectionate with her.

Song Joong Ki as Ma Roo and Moon Chae Won as Eun Gi

They get their kiss later, though, after Ma Roo is released from jail (another scheme trying to separate him from Tae San), and Eun Gi reveals that she remembers telling him that it was her first kiss. Eun Gi is willing to give up Tae San for the Ma Roo she knows and loves now, but what will happen when she regains all of her memories? Also, Ma Roo is pretending to want to takeover Tae San when he talks to Attorney Park, but I don't think that his intention at all. Is he trying to keep Attorney Park as a wedge between Eun Gi and himself because he knows he won't be able to leave her on his own? So many things that I want to know. But the preview for episode 16 looks thrilling. My body is ready to accept more Nice Guy!

Also, I love these two! Lee Kwang Soo as Jae Gil and Lee Yoo Bi as Choco

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Watch The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 15 with English subs here

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Faith (The Great Doctor) final episode 24

O... M... G

I thought the last 20 minutes of Faith (The Great Doctor) were the best and most dramatic. After watching the last episode of this epic drama, I think the title Faith really fits. At the beginning of the episode the evil Gi Cheol goes completely cuckoo (starting from where episode 23 left off), and tells the king and everyone else that he will kill anyone who stands between him and eui seon (Eun Soo played by Kim Hee Sun). Gi Cheol had been noticibly quiet for the last few episodes, so it made sense for him to burst in and create a final conflict, and I think his character went from power-hungry tyrant to insane monster.

Yoon Oh Sung as Gi Cheol
After he kidnaps Eun Soo and takes her to the inn, it was as if Choi Young's head was on fire. But the situation is quickly resolved when he locates them (because Choi Young had a magical ability to find Eun Soo at any given moment no matter where she was) and finds out that she is no longer dying from the poison and can stay with him. When the flashback started, I began to get emotional. I mean, I have been loyally watching Faith every week for the last 3 months, and looking back on the sweet moments between Eun Soo and Choi Young got to me. Some flashback montages are ill-placed and pointless, but this montage was perfect at that moment.

Lee Min Ho as Choi Young
The sexiest part of the show happened in this last episode too. It was subtle and fleeting, but beautiful and perfect. As Choi Young and Eun Soo lay next to each other reveling in the fact that they can be together, after the agonizing months of uncertainty, Eun Soo looked at Choi Young lovingly and then ran her finger over his face. I always got the feeling that Choi Young was a very lonely person who desperately needed affection and warmth which is exactly what Eun Soo had to offer by the bucket loads. From the first moment they made physical contact when Choi Young abducted her in the first episode, up to the kiss in episode 10, and then the finger over the lips in this last episode, Choi Young seemed to be heeled from her touch. He was thawed from his frozen state and brought back to life by the fiery Eun soo.

Eun Soo
Choi Young

In the last 20 minutes of the episode Gi Cheol tries to get to  "heaven," but is not able to enter the gateway because of his poor intentions, I assume. So, in his uncontrollably insane anger, he fights with Choi Young (which made me sick to my stomach) and uses his power to leave him an inch from death. Eun Soo then jumps through the gateway and lands in 2012. The scene when she bursts into the hospital and is confronted immediately by the Japanese men is a bit odd, how much time had passed in the modern world? I couldn't tell, but it didn't seem to matter that much either. When she went back through the portal and ended up 100 years before the time she was in Goreyo with Choi Young, that's when I started to bawl. At first I was confused and distressed about the slip in her time traveling, but I think those few years that separated them were necessary. Could Eun Soo's faith bring her back to Choi Yoing? There is no doubt that he would wait for her, but did she change as a person after such a traumatic experience? Yes, she did. In the end her faith rewards her and she is reunited with the handsome Choi Young who is waiting for her in the very place that she had left him. Faith was an emotional roller coaster to watch, and I enjoyed every minute.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Full House Take 2 episodes 1-4

When I watched the first episode of Full House Take 2, I thought "this show is so bad, wrong, and not funny," but that all changed at the end of the episode. It began by introducing the two main characters Jang Man Ok (Michelle Jang) and Lee Tae Ik as children. First we see Man Ok taken in as a girly-girl to her grandfather's Taekwondo house because both of her parents have died (of course). Quickly after that Man Ok is shown as a tomboy dressed in a dobok at a fancy party taking place at Tae Ik's family's home. The fact that they met as children leads me to believe that they will end up together once the love triangle is resolved in this story.

The part of this show that I hated in the first episode is the rivalry between Tae Ik and Won Kang hwi. Their fighting wasn't funny to me, just petty. The two men work together in a singing group called Take One and their song in the show is not good. After the episode unravels and all the main players are introduced, the drama's saving grace happens. The real comedy begins as Tae Ik starts to die on stage because he wanted to wear a stupid sparkly scarf that he is allergic to, and then Kang Hwi appears and decides to save the show by kissing Tae Ik and pulling the scarf off. I was litterally LOLing, you guys!

No Min Woo and Park Ki Woong as Tae Ik and Kang Hwi

I believe the show markedly improved at the end of episode 1. In the following episodes we learn more about the characters personalities and see where they fit in to the Kdrama spectrum. Tae Ik is the prissy, picky main male character that will inevitably fall for Man Ok's messy, fun female character and Kang Hwi is the guy who will be nice to Man Ok and like her the whole time, but Man Ok will eventually come to like Tae Ik. Can we all agree on that? Ok, good, because the next step in the story is for them all to begin working together and interacting with each other every day as Man Ok joins the Take One team as a stylist. I foresee much silliness and jealousy to come for these three.

Hwang Jung Eum as Jang Man Ok
Kang Hwi
Tae Ik

As far as this being a sequel to Full House (2004 Korean drama), it really isn't. I feel that it is more spiritually similar to You're Beautiful (2009 drama). Tae Ik is exactly like Jang Keun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung, much more so than to Rain's Lee Young Jae. Though all three characters are prissy, spoiled celebrities, I found Young Jae in Full House to have a sadness and lack of confidence to him that the other guys don't have. I can't make a judgement about yet how this show will rate overall, because it is only the beginning. It may become as sad and romantic as the original Full House did, or Take 2 could stick to the lighthearted romcom feel. I am hoping for the latter because I don't know how seriously I will be able to take the romance of this love triangle.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Best Kdrama Kissing Scenes!

1. Personal Taste episode 10 Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jun

This is my favorite because it was such a climactic moment. Finally, it's GAME OVER. Plus, Lee Min Ho kissing scenes are always hot.

2. Queen In Hyun's Man episode 11 Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na

First of all, it's real because the actors are dating each other. Also, it is super sweet and cute when she has to stand on her tip toes because Ji Hyun Woo is so freaking tall.

3. Faith episode 19 Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun

This one was great because I truly wasn't expecting it at that moment, and neither was the room full of officials that got the front row seats. And again, it's Lee Min Ho.

4. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop episode 10 Jung Il Woo and Lee Chung Ah

This is an obvious choice. The kiss is hot! Cha Chi Soo is still my favorite Jung Il Woo character.

5. Coffee Prince episode 10 Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo

This is a beautiful scene. I think it is the most romantic kiss on this list because of what it meant for  Gong Yoo's character Han Kyul. To be willing to love Ko Eun Chan no matter what she (or he) is.

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Innocent Man Episodes 1-14

Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo
Here are the reasons why I love Song Joong Ki's character in Innocent Man Kang Ma Roo: He is sexy (and he knows it), he is totes smart, he is mysterious and twisted, and his romanized name is one letter away from being kangaroo. His relations with women are so fucked up, though. He's either conning them and selling his body to get their money, or he is completely obsessed and acts like a wild animal running around to protect them (see Han Jae Hee and, later, Seo Eun Gee). There is no doubt that it stems from Jae Hee's betrayal after he took the blame for the murder she accidentally committed, but I think the root cause may predate their fateful relationship. After all, there are still six episodes left, and there is yet to be one episode that didn't feature the reveal of a devastating truth or the creation of a new deceit. I believe we have more to learn about Ma Roo.

Another thing that I am still unsure about, even to this point in the story, is the car accident that took place in episode 9. When it happened, it wasn't clear to me if they could see each other when they were driving head-on toward the collision. It seems, though, that as Eun Gee, played by Moon Chae Won, is slowly recovering the horroific memories, she did see his face. But is that why she turned around? Did he also see her? What was the plan there? To die together? God, I have so many questions about that scene, and I hope they will be answered in the next 6 episodes.

Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gee

Moon Chae Won's awesomeness is also worth mentioning. She has the face of a perfect porcelain doll, but she can contort it to look like the most nasty, evil bitch without overacting (see above). As Eun Gee she is a perfectly dark mix of child-like innocence and angry pittbull bitchiness. Her relationship with Ma Roo is clearly headed for complete disaster as soon as she begins to regain all of the memories of their twisted affair, and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I want both Eun Gee and Ma Roo to find happiness and feel comfort in trusting another human (because they have both been betrayed and used for most of their lives), but I can't help but feel apprehensive. Ma Roo's brain is about to explode, and he thinks that he deserves to die so he doesn't appear to be doing anything about it. Also, Eun Gee is not going to forgive easily once she remembers what happened the year before. I don't foresee a happy ending to this drama, I am already preparing myself for the worst possible scenarios. I want to see Ma Roo and Eun Gee survive and at least live free of the hatred that has been burning inside of them both, but I honestly don't believe that will happen.

Kang Ma Roo and Seo Eun Gee
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miss Panda and Hedgehog Final Review

I want to talk about, what I believe, are the two most important aspects of Miss Panda and Hedgehog.

Panda cookies made by Hedgehog :)

1. Delicious-looking cakes and cookies.
I don't really buy the whole Donghae went to prison and learned how to make the most amazing desserts in South Korea thing, but I will get over that. Every time I watched this show it made me hungry. Just look at those cookies!

Lee Donghae and Choi Jinhyuk

2. Ko Seung Ji and Choi Won Il's romance.
I think the relationship between these two was the cutest one of the whole drama. In a highly Kdramatic fashion, they started off hating each other (heck, they were even involved in a love triangle together), but ended up joining forces. I thought the love triangle between Seung Ji, Panda, and Won Il was pretty pointless to the story, though. Panda never seemed to have any intention of liking anyone besides Seung Ji, and Won Il just acted like a whiny baby over the whole thing, which turned a very attractive man into an irritating baby. I was extremely relieved that Won Il readily accepted their relationship and didn't become a useless emo kid like Jung Il Woo's character in The Moon That Embraces the Sun because once he relinquished that stupid crush, Won Il became more likeable and a lot more attractive.
 In the end when we learn that Seung Ji is actually the long-lost Min Woo that rounded out the childhood threesome with Panda and Won Il, the part that was the most emotional happened, for me, when Won Il had a flashback of young Min Woo crying in an ally asking him not to tell Panda that his dad beats him every day. That's when I realized how sad Seung Ji's life had really been. His own father had basically left him for dead, and then tried to do the same thing again as an adult. Luckily, Seung Ji was surrounded by enough love from the Panda Cafe team that he came out as the victor in the end.

Won Il, Panda, and the Hedgehog

Overall, I thought Panda and Hedgehog was a sweet confection of a drama, but I definitely had some issues with the story. I find it hard to imagine that no one would have recognized the grown up Min Woo in Seung Ji (his mother, best friends, or grandfather). I guess he just looked SO much different from when he was a kid, unlike a lot of people that I know. Also, it was strange how the grandpa started freaking out when Min Woo's mom buttoned her shirt starting with the third button. Wouldn't you either not notice it or just think it's a weird coincidence? And as for Panda and Seung Ji's relationship, I was happy to see a Korean drama that didn't separate the main couple because of some nonsensical conflict onver money, family, politics or what-have-you, but I just wasn't completely feeling it. Like I mentioned, though, overall I have a positive impression after watching it, and now I leave you with this clip of Donghae with Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Sungmin from Super Junior on SNL Korea just because I can!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's Next?

So here is my plan for this blog going forward. I want to finish Panda and Hedgehog this week and post about it by Wednesday. I am also watching Take Care of the Young Lady right now, so I will write about it by next Sunday. I also want to write a blog about my favorite kissing scenes in the Kdramas I have watched so far. And just as a little teaser to get people excited for that here is a screencap of one of my favorites...

Arang and the Magistrate Final Review

If you are wondering whether or not you should watch Arang and the Magistrate, I will save you the time spent speculating. WATCH IT! SPOILER WARNING beyond this point.

Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah as Kim Eun Ho and Arang episode 1
Shin Min Ah is perfect, of course. She is beautiful, but also tough. I think that she is my favorite Kdrama actress after watching her as Arang. Lee Jun Ki is great as well, I was affected the most not by the love story between Arang and Eun Ho, though it was beautiful, but by the pain KEH went through as a child and adult because of his mother's desire for revenge.

Kim Eun Ho and Arang episode 19
Desire was the star here. What is your greatest desire? I really began to think about this while watching. The characters were living and dying by their desires. In fact Mu Yeon's greatest earning was to have desire. But does getting what you want really satiate the appetite? I think the answer is no. Wanting for something is human (and apparently nonhuman as well), and it is not a part of living that can be avoided. I think this is what made me feel sympathetic toward Ju Wal. Even though he was killing innocent people to live a comfortable life, I could see the sadness in him. He made a choice to want to have what others take for granted, he can't be blamed for choosing that path as a young boy.

I don't think the point of this story is to make desire seem evil or selfish, though, because Arang's desire in the end to keep her love alive through her or KEH's memories was something she was willing to sacrifice herself for. It wasn't a selfish want, she was earning to leave the least amount of pain for KEH as she could. KEH, on the other hand, learned through Arang that caring more about other people is the type of desire that can lead to the most satisfying result, if not to complete satisfaction of the want. The drama started with KEH ignoring injustice and disregarding his oppurtunity to help those who were suffering through his power.After his time spent with a woman who was constantly struggling between life and death and heaven and hell, he realized that desire can be the best motivation when used correctly, unlike his mother's want for revenge.

I could go on for days about Arang and the Magistrate because there are so many amazing characters, relationships, and plot lines to discuss. There is Mu Young and Mu Yeon's relationship, the Jade Emperor, Heaven and Hell, Dol Soe and the Shaman, ghosts, and Lee Seo Rim and Arang's shared soul, but I need to think more about all of this. I may write more about it later, though. But, I would like to touch on the ending. I found it to be beautiful and unexpected, and it wasn't rushed. I think it implies hopefulness because the sweet and wonderful memories in life are what sustain us through the rest of it. If we can hold onto those memories even beyond this existence (wherever or whatever that beyond may be), then we are not merely marching toward death, but collecting treasure that we will hold onto for eternity.

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To the Beautiful Choi Minho

Choi Minho as Kang Taejoon
I will start off by saying that To the Beautiful You is visually stunning. I think they used some sort of camera filter called “super cute” because every person, outfit, building, dog, and tree looked awesomely attractive. Choi Minho didn’t even look human, his face looks like it was chiseled from a block of marble by baby angels (I insist that you refer to the picture to the left). Also, I love love love the theme song J-Min's "Stand Up" is very cool. I think that song in the trailer is what first got me excited about watching this drama. As far as the story goes, I enjoyed watching, of course, but it felt a bit shallow. I’m not even trying to compare it to Hana Kimi because I don’t really like to say “this drama isn’t as good as blah” about anything, so I will assess it just by analyzing TTBY as a drama of its own.

What I will say about TTBY is that I like the scale of the relationships. Since this drama involves high school kids interacting within the school environment, I think it is important the love not be taken to a weird “I will die for you” level. In school being willing to die for someone is more equivalent to Cha Eun Gyeol’s (Lee Hyun Woo) willingness to accept being gay so that he can like Goo Jae Hee (Sulli). I think the discussion brought up by including a young man suffering through the internal confusion of sexual identity (even if it is actually a girl that he likes) is at least a small accomplishment for gay tolerance. Understanding that being attracted to a person isn’t always about their gender (or any part of their identity for that matter) is a message that I received while watching this drama, even if it wasn’t intended to be more than just another cute love story.
Go Jae Hee and Cha Eun Gyeol
As for the main relationship between Kang Tae Joon (Choi Min Ho) and Goo Jae Hee, this is where I felt the lack of depth in the drama. I think that the hardest part for me to accept (ignoring the fact that obviously Sulli did not, at any point, look like a boy) is that GJH’s reason for coming to Genie, or South Korea at all for that matter, is very weird. So she was a pretty girl that was picked on for no reason what-so-ever by the evil American kids, and she saw Tae Joon on TV blathering about miracles (though, I do like the “Miracle is another name for hard work” sentiment) which prompted her to somehow abandon her family, schooling, friends, etc. and go to Tae Joon to make him do the high jump again? It doesn’t really make sense. But, the reason for her coming aside, I think that KTJ and GJH had some cute moments throughout the drama. GJH became the nurturing female-figure that KTJ was desperately needing after losing his mother, so we see KTJ become super protective of her. The scale of their relationship seems appropriate to me for a high school show as well, at least when considering it is a Kdrama. When they were happy and played around with each other, it felt sweet and real, and when KTJ shutdown about his emotions and his relationship with his father, I believed him as high school boy who is too proud or embarrassed to express himself.

Overall, To the Beautiful You passes as an acceptable use of 16 hours of my life. I don’t know if I will spend another 16 watching again in the future, but I recommend that romcom fans watch this drama if they haven’t done so already, but I think most of you already have at this juncture. If you take TTBY as it is, a cute Kdrama with some of the most attractive young people in South Korea, you will be able appreciate the visual treat that it is and the loveliness of high school friendships that it displays.

I watched this drama on Viki. Here is the link: 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Let me break it down

In order to understand where I am coming from with my reviews and lists, I think it is best to explain what attracts me to a drama.

Secret Garden
1. I LOVE (like really) Romantic Comedies. The combination of hilarious antics and Kleenex (or toilet paper if I'm being honest as to what I use to dry my stream of tears) -soaking love stories is my favorite. If I watch a drama that lacks silliness (like The Moon That Embraces the Sun) I may love it, but I will usually begin to feel depressed and irritable. So, I usually have to a romcom at the same time to balance my emotions.

Rooftop Prince
2. I enjoy the added tension when a drama includes supernatural elements such as: time travel (Rooftop Prince and Faith), humans falling in love with non-humans (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Arang and the Magistrate), body swapping (Secret Garden and Big), and strange memory loss (Haeundae Lovers and The Moon That Embraces the Sun). I know memory loss isn't supernatural per se, but the way it happens in Kdramas is so unrealistic that I consider to be magical.

Dream High
3. Kick-ass music is also necessary. I'm not just referring to the OSTs, (though that is important too) but what I really love are music-centered dramas in which the lead actor is a musician outside of that drama also. Dramas about the music industry intrigue me as well (Dream High and Kpop Ultimate Audition).

The Vineyard Man
4. Believing in the love of the man characters is the difference, for me, between an entertaining drama and one that makes me sob like weirdo alone in my room. My best example of steamy chemistry is Yoon Eun Hye (as Lee Ji Hyun) and Oh Man Suk (as Jang Taek Gi) in The Vineyard Man. Even if they weren't together in a romantic way throughout most of the story, the tension is so strong that I could hardly control my emotions while watching. At one point I had to stand up because I was crying so hard that I couldn't breath. Maybe I'm just weird, like I mentioned before, but feeling so strongly about the main characters indicates a successful drama to me.

My Korean Drama List

Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
This is my crowning achievement. It is the list of Korean dramas that I have watched or am watching. The VVIP list is in order of my love for them while the other lists are in no particular order. These dramas are all Korean unless noted otherwise, and the shows with X I have watched more than once. Of course this is a work in progress, so please stayed tuned. My list of things I'm currently watching is basically shows that I have started and want to finish. I also listed the dramas I want to watch in the future at the bottom.

Last updated 11/30/15


1.    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho X4
2.    Rooftop Prince X3
3.    Innocent Man/Nice Guy X3
4.    Summer Fever (Taiwanese)X2
5.    Fool's Love
6.    Ice Adonis
7.    I'm Sorry, I Love You
8.    Coffee Prince X3
9.    The Vineyard Man
10.   Arang and the Magistrate
11.   Fated to Love You (Korean version)

Great Ones

12.   Dream High
13.   Me Too, Flower
14.   Can You Hear My Heart?
15.   Invincible Lee Pyung Kang
16.   Kpop Ultimate Audition
17.   Big
18.   Secret Garden
19.   Shining Inheritance
20.   Boys Over Flowers
21.   Personal Taste X2
22.   49 Days
23.   City Hunter
24.   Queen In-Hyun’s Man
25.   Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Japanese)
26.   Hana Yori Dango (Japanese)
27.   Sungkyunkwan Scandal
28.   I Do, I Do
29.   Hana Kimi (Japanese)
30.   The Moon That Embraces the Sun
31.   Heartstrings
32.   Haeundae LoversX2
33.   Full House
34.   Answer Me 1997
35.   Faith
36.   The King of Dramas
37.   School 2013
38.   Fated to Love You (Taiwanese)
39.   Incarnation of Money
40.   Heartless City
41.   It Started With a Kiss (Taiwanese)
42.   Secret
43.   Just You (Taiwanese)
44.   The Heirs
45.   Good Doctor
46.   Master's Sun
47.   My Love From Another Star
48.   Emergency Couple
49.   Beyond the Clouds
50.   Sly And Single Again
51.   Full House (Thai)
52.   Oh My Ghostess
53.   EXO Next Door
54.   Healer
55.   Jeju Island Gatsby
56.   Falling in Love with Soon Jung
57.   Mask
58.   Sensory Couple

Good Ones

59.    Wild Romance
60.    Tamra, the Island
61.    Bridal Mask
62.    King 2 Hearts
63.    I Love Lee Tae Ri
64.    A Gentleman's Dignity
65.    Couple Fantasy
66.    To the Beautiful You
67.    Lie To Me
68.    My Princess
69.    Protect the Boss
70.    Flower Boy Ramen Shop
71.    Scent of a Woman
72.    You Are Beautiful
73.    My Girl
74.    Shut Up Flower Boy Band
75.    Prosecutor Princess
76.    Goong
77.    Hello Miss
78.    Office Girls (Taiwanese)
79.    Spy Myung Wol
80.    Creating Destiny
81.    The Greatest Love
82.    Panda and Hedgehog
81.    The Princess' Man
82.    Full House Take 2
83.    King of Baking Kim Tak Gu
84.    What's Up Fox?
85.    Flower Boy Next Door
86.    Padam Padam
87.    That Winter, the Wind Blows
88.    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
89.    All About My Romance
90.    Gu Family Book
91.    When a Man's in Love
92.    Something Happened in Bali
93.    Shark
94.    Her Legend
95.    Smile You
96.    Surplus Princess
97.    My Love Eun Dong

Meh, I finished them

98.    Pasta
99.    Playful Kiss
100.    My Lovely Sam Soon
101.    Mary Stayed Out All Night
102.    Stars Falling From the Sky
103.    Baby-Faced Beauty
104.    I Need Romance 2012
105.    Love Rain
106.    Take Care of the Young Lady
107.    Becoming a Billionaire
108.   I Miss You
109.  Autumn in My Heart
110.  It's Ok, Daddy's Girl
111.  Marry Him If You Dare
112.  Oh My Lady
113.  Hundred Year Inheritance
114.  Can Love Become Money
115.  Fall in Love With Me (Taiwanese)

Couldn't finish

116.    May Queen
117.   Cheongdam-dong Alice
118.   IRIS
119.   What's Up
120.   You're the Best Lee Soon Shin
121.   Loving You a Thousand Times
122.   Stairway to Heaven
123.   Que Sera Sera
124.   I Hear Your Voice ( I should finish it, I know)
125.   Crazy Love
126.   Passionate Love
127.   Goong S
128.   Sweet 18
129.   I Summon You Gold
130.   A Thousand Days Promise
131.   A Little Love Never Hurts
132.   Level 7 Civil Servant
133.   Bride of the Century
134.   You're All Surrounded
135.   Love Myself or You? (Taiwanese)
136.   In a Good Way (Taiwanese)
137.   Triangle
138.   Trot Lovers
139.   Birth of a Beauty
130.   Yong Pal
141.   Pinocchio
142.   Angel Eyes
143.   Modern Farmer
144.   Blade Man
145.   Hyde, Jekyll, and I

Currently watching and still undecided on final rating

Scholar Who Walks the Night
She Was Pretty


Because It's the First Time
One Sunny Day
Oh My Venus
Twenty Again

I love your comments and suggestions, so please let me know if there is something I should watch.


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