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All About My Romance Final Episode 16 Review

Classic Lee Min Jung derp face
Here's the set up for All About My Romance: Noh Min Young (Lee Min Jung) and Kim Soo Young (Shin Ha Kyun) are members of rival parties in the Korean national assembly. They are at odds politically, ethically, and personally, but they fall for each other despite their ideological differences.

In terms of plot I found this drama to be a bit weak. The characters who are supposed to be high-level politicians are so focused on their relationships and personal scandals that the actual job of representing the people of their country seems to be one of the last things on their minds. I'm not sure if this is one of the messages of the drama, but it seems to be commenting on the childishness and petty back stabbing that happens behind-the-scenes in the political world. The idea of politicians from two different parties dating doesn't seem like a life-ruining scandal to me, but I guess the Korean "netizens" are quite powerful when they don't like someone.

The biggest draw of All About My Romance are the actors. Lee Min Jung and Shin Ha Kyun had great chemistry that translates mostly into LOL-worthy comedy. They each serve up a variety of funny and endearing facial expressions. Even though I never cried while watching their relationship go through its ups and downs, I did smile and laugh with them.

The sexy ahjusshi Kim Soo Young
The side characters were also impressive. Han Chae Ah was cute as Ahn Hee Sun who followed both Soo Young and Song Joon Ha (Park Hee Soon) around. She was a light-version of the crazy girl that hates the female lead's easy ability to get everyone to like her because she is not liked by anyone. She looks and acts so different here than in Bridal Mask that I hardly recognized her. Also, the side couple of Moon Bong Shik (Kang Hyung Jin) and Go Dong Sook (Kim Jung Nan) were adorable from beginning to end. They were a mirror of the main couple, facing the same obstacles of political party difference. Because of the overall lightness of this drama, the secondary couple was nearly as powerful as the main one.
I did love this super cutesy wedding photo shoot
Will I watch this drama again? Probably not. It reminded me of A Gentleman's Dignity because of the childish actions of the 30-and-40-something-year-old adults. If I wanted to watch a funny show about a group of people working in the government, I would honestly rather just watch Parks and Recreation. 

Watch it with English subtitles

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

That Winter, the Wind Blows FULL OST [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Hello my lovely blog readers! You have been asking for it, and now I have found the ENTIRE That Winter, the Wind Blows OST (그 겨울, 바람이 분다 OST)! This drama features some of the best ballads and instrumental songs of any Korean drama I have seen. I downloaded the rar file, unpacked it, and uploaded each file for you, so pleeeease love me ^__^ I have posted the links below to the individual tracks. Enjoy!

Album info
Artist: Various
Language: Korean
Genre: OST
Release Date: May 16th 2013

Click here to download: 1. Gray Paper 먹지

Click here to download: 2. Snowflakes눈꽃

Click here to download: 3. Winter Story 겨울사랑

Click here to download: 4. Tears Fallin' Guitar Version

Click here to download: 5. And One 그리고 하나

Click here to download: 6. Winter Story Piano Version 겨울사랑

Click here to download: 7. Tears Fallin' Piano Version

Click here to download: 8. Winter Story 겨울사랑

Click here to download: 9. Blind Love

Click here to download: 10. I Wanted to Live 살고 싶다

Click here to download: 11. With U

Click here to download: 12. Goodbye Happiness

Click here to download: 13. 78 Billion (억)

Click here to download: 14. I Don't Need Your Love 사랑따윈 필요없어

Click here to download: 15. It's Over

Click here to download: 16. Winter Wind 겨울바람

Click here to download: 17. Chamber of Secrets 비밀의 방

Click here to download: 18. Open Your Eyes

Click here to download: 19. Poker Face 포커페이스

Click here to download: 20. Misunderstanding 오해

Click here to download: 21. Black Jack 블랙잭

Click here to download: 22. Warm Eyes 따뜻한 눈빛

Click here to download: 23. Room's Spirit 영이의 방

Click here to download: 24. Winter Story Orchestra 겨울에 만난 사랑

These are all links to my personal 4shared account. If there are any issues with the downloads please comment on this post because I am much more likely to check here. Also, if you could comment when you download them to let me know that they do work or don't I would greatly appreciate it! Saranghaeyo!

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Lee Min Ho's Mini Album "My Everything"

FINALLY!!! Lee Min Ho's mini album My Everything has been released. This album has some very fun pop songs that are sure to melts the hearts of his army of fans, known as Minoz (of which I am a proud member). There is nothing ground-breaking happening on this album, but I am looking forward to listening to it while I drive to and from work. I think it will brighten my day. My favorite so far is "Love Motion" it has a really upbeat, summery sound. I have gathered the links that I used to download the tracks individually. Enjoy!

Album info

Artist: Lee Min Ho (이민호)
Release date: May 22nd 2013
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop/Rock

Track list

Click here to download: 1. Without You
Click here to download: 2. Love Motion
Click here to download: 3. My Little Princess
Click here to download: 4. (너와 나 그리고 우리) You & I
Click here to download: 5. (조각) Pieces of Love
Click here to download: 6. My Everything 2013 Re-Recording
7. Without You instrumental (link coming soon)

Click here to: Listen on YouTube

And, if you are rich, buy this awesome Special Album set from

Is anyone going to get to see him while he's on tour? You lucky bitches...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ice Adonis Final Episode 108 Review

My Picasa edit
Yoon Ah Jung as Choi Yoo Ra and Lee Yu Ri as Seol Yeon Hwa

Even though Choi Yoo R was an absolutely evil villain who repeatedly harmed and deceived people, including her own family, I couldn't completely despise her in the end. At first I hated her because she reminded me of most evil bitches on TV, but in the final episodes my opinion changed. Yoo Ra went completely insane in the end and kidnapped Yeon Hwa's son. For a sad, fleeting moment Yoo Ra experienced being a mother to Ha Yoon Jae's child. This is when Yoo Ra's humanity started to show. She had the chance, once again, to turn herself in and accept punishment, but she chose to run and avoid it. 

When she confronted Seol Yeon Hwa on the beach and left her for dead, again attempting to avoid blame and punishment, that's when I confirmed what I had suspected throughout the drama, Yoo Ra is mentally unstable and will not stop until she is locked away in a correctional facility. During the trial all eyes were on Yoo Ra as she was given one final chance to show remorse for her murder, attempted murders, framing of crimes onto the innocent, deceit of all those around her, and kidnapping. As predicted, though, she refused to acknowledge her guilt or accept the consequences.

Once in prison, Yoo Ra faced the same bullying and wish for death as Yeon Hwa had. Living in the hell of her own creation, Yoo Ra began to realize that she was the cause of the trouble and misery in the lives of the people around her. I don't think she fully acknowledged her fault up to the point that was shown in the conclusion of the drama, but her final line "mianhada, Seol Yeon Hwa" reveals a glimmer of self reflection.

Deep within this over-the-top jealous step sister is, unfortunately, a demon that we all fall victim to at times. As imperfect humans, we all feel envious, embarrassed, and unapologetic. What separates a normal person from Yoo Ra, though, is that we eventually feel shame or guilt. Yoo Ra was so convinced that she deserved wealth, love and happiness that she lost her ability to feel remorse and she began to believe her own lies as truth. 

I am by no means attempting to justify Yoo Ra's, or any other crazy person's crimes, or the unprovoked hatred she fostered. I am simply think her character is twisted, complicated, and interesting. She repeatedly stated that she would go all the way to the end with her deception, and she really did take herself to the boundary of morality and threw herself over the cliff into the abyss of evil. How can one person cause so much misery? Well, it seems like a daunting task, but at least she was captured before inciting wide-spread racial cleansing (ahem... Hitler).

The actress playing Choi Yoo Ra is so pretty and cute that is makes the whole premise that much more unsettling. Her outer facade was that of a pampered princess, and she fooled everyone around her until there was  a mountain of proof to solidify her guilt. Masked beneath a spunky bob haircut and lady-like makeup and clothes lived a unrelentingly deceptive demon. As Yoon Jae accurately stated, "I lived with the devil."

Overall, I believe that Ice Adonis is an impeccable drama. The idea of watching 108 episodes may be off-putting, but it is well-worth the effort. The first 60 episodes were almost torture to watch as Yeon Hwa was beaten down by Yoo Ra unmercifully, but when Yeon Hwa rises up and begins her revenge, it is amazingly gratifying. I love Yeon Hwa. She is strong, smart, and never let her loss hold her back. Most other Korean drama heroines wouldn't have been able to handle the assault that Yoo Ra made on her life, but Yeon Hwa came back and spoke the truth until everyone listened. She never allowed her love to make her ill and solemn, she used it to gain energy. Most importantly, she never became Yoo Ra during the process of vengeance. She laid out the truth and allowed the villains to destroy themselves. In the end as Yeon Hwa smiled and was able to live with her son, she wrote to Yoo Ra and let her know that she is still alive and not alone. Her kindness finally pierced through Yoo Ra's stone heart, and Yoo Ra apologized towards the sunlight, the only thing the sisters could share.

Watch Ice Adonis with English subtitles


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