Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The King of Dramas episode 15

Kim Myung Min as Anthony Kim and Jung Ryu Won as Lee Go Eun
Episode 15 of The King of Dramas introduced the beginnings of obvious mutual attraction between Go Eun and Anthony. Their magnetism was an underlying theme throughout the earlier 14 episodes, but they have both come to realize it now. I love the subtly and reality of their relationship. Anthony, whose mantra is that one should be able to abandon their own father to make a successful drama, is slowly starting to understand that people are more important than ratings. These two characters aren't compromising everything they dream about to love each other, they are just two people who like each other more as they get to know each other. Although this episode ends with Anthony missing an important meeting that could skyrocket the success of his production company because of his desperation to get a sick Go Eun to the hospital, I hope that in episode 16 he can find a balance between the pursuit of his dream and his affection for Go Eun.

Choi Si Won as Kang Hyun Min

Oh Ji Eun as Sung Min Ah

I am also curious to see how the relationship between Hyun Min and Sung Min Ah develops. They are so different from each other; Hyun Min is greedy and childish while Min Ah is sophisticated and calculating. I love their antics, but I don't see how they could come together romantically. Clearly Min Ah is still in love with Anthony, but Anthony is falling for Go Eun. Min Ah's efforts to tie herself and Anthony together with the production company contract didn't even work. So, I imagine that she will be single at the end of this drama. We'll have to wait and see if another ship is formed, the Hyunah ship.

Yes, this is what I am doing on Christmas morning, just writin' for my blog. I wish everyone who is viewing my blog a happy and warm holiday season. I will post again on New Year's Day with my Best Korean Dramas of 2012 final list!

Watch The King of Dramas episode 15 with English subtitles http://www.viki.com/channels/9887-king-of-drama/videos/84354

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