Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cheongdam-dong Alice episode 1

Park Shi Hoo as Cha Seung Jo
I will get the obvious out of the way first, yes this show is just like every other Korean romantic comedy so far. Since I have only watched the first episode, I am basing this off of very little, but I don't imagine anything groundbreaking and innovative happening in this drama. This drama does not seem to be promising anything new either, though, since the title is a play on the old fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. This first episode of Cheongdam-dong Alice begins by introducing Jean Thierry Cha (Park Shi Hoo) who is passionately explaining the importance of price to Korean women for luxury brand items. As we learn later on in the episode, Mr. Cha is a little bit nuts and is out for revenge against a gold-digging ex-girlfriend and his father. So far he has had a few chance run ins with the female lead Han Se Kyung (Moon Geun Young) in which he misunderstands her, and she becomes overly emotion in front of him.

Moon Geun Young as Han Se Kyung
Se Kyung is introduced first in a job interview at GN Fashion where Seung Jo's (Jean Theirry Cha) ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be Se Kyung rival from school, is the Madame. Yes, it is another drama in which the female lead wants to become a fashion designer despite her poor family background and lack of personal contact with luxury products. Not that this is a common theme only in the Korean media, (because it is also prevalant in American entertainment as well ala The Devil Wears Prada) but it will be intertesting to see if they can take it in a different direction in this case. Generally this theme at first seems to point out the flaws of judging a woman solely on her ability to procure luxury brand-name items, but then it quickly circles back and shows that if a woman works hard she can have these items and look pretty too for the guy she likes to notice her. I hope that Se Kyung is able to gain recognition on her own accord without leaning upon the assistance of crazy Seung Jo's revenge against Seo Yoon Joo (So Yi Hyun). I also hope that Se Kyung doesn't end up showing up to a fancy party wearing designer clothes for Seung Jo to realize she's pretty (bleck).

Park Shi Hoo acting delightfully insane
To put aside the criticism, so far I am entertained by this drama. The first episode is eventful to say they least. There is a car crash (Seung Jo and Se Kyung's first meeting), a break up, wildly-expensive diamonds, crazy laughter galore, and a cat-fight with girls dressed in school uniforms. Clearly this introduction episode is begging to attract viewers attention. So, with the combination of Park Shi Hoo's dazzling teeth and Moon Geun Young's bad luck, I am definitely enticed. I am ready for more.

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