Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Perfect Korean Drama

This summer I started to jot some ideas down for what I would like to see in a Kdrama. I never really went anywhere with it, and I only listed out a few bullet points, but I have been wanting to elaborate on that idea for months. Since the holidays are nearing and things are slowing down at work, I decided that I will start creating my idea of the perfect Korean drama. I don't know how far I will go with it, but I feel ambitious about this project at the moment. I will post continuously as I come up with more. Now, clearly it will all be written in English by an American person, so I guess it would be more accurate to say that I will be writing a Korea-style drama, and, obviously, it will star my favorite Korean celebrities.

Here are my ideas so far:

  • I want to see Onew in a Kdrama, so he WILL be in mine. That's the first and most important idea that I came up with. I think that Lee Jin Ki is adorable and funny, and I want to see him in a Korean drama ASAP. He will also have at least 2 songs on the OST.
Lee Jin Ki aka Onew of SHINee

  • I need Moon Chae Won. What female Kdrama fan wouldn't go gay for Moon Chae Won? Anyway, I digress. In my drama Chae Won will play an actress, and I want her to refer to the Chaeki ship in a funny way. 

Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi
  • Song Joong Ki will make a cameo appearance. Now, I should be saying that I want him to star in my drama, right? Well, I think that it would be cooler if he made a cameo as himself and has an encounter with Moon Chae Won who is portraying an actress who has a crush on him and wants to work with him, but she isn't making progress in the acting world yet.... something like that.
Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Ru
  • Lee Min Ho will be the lead and will have sexy kissing scenes with Moon Chae Won. This seems so obvious to me that I didn't even list it first. So, to clarify, I want Onew in my drama, but I don't foresee him as a lead actor, not yet anyway.
Lee Min Ho
  • I want the drama to start in Seoul, but end up in the country. I love the beautiful scenery and the interesting country-folk characters.
  • At first I thought I wanted a supernatural element (because I enjoy them) like in those time-travel or body-swapping Kdramas (see Rooftop Prince and Secret Garden), but I changed my mind on that, at least for now. The great thing about a Kdrama is that the supernatural element could also come in later.
  • I want it to be funny and dramatic, but not depressing. What really turns me off about some romantic comedies is that they get too dark and sad around the end. Some dramas balance this well (like Dream High and Coffee Prince) while others make it unbearable (my example is Starts Falling From the Sky, it became way too depressing and not funny).
Here are some dramas that mine will be inspired by: Invincible Lee Pyung Kang, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Innocent Man (very slightly), The Vineyard Man, Answer Me 1997.

Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

This is all I have for now. I came up with most of this while I was writing it, so some of it probably won't make sense to anyone except for me (even then...), but I hope to work things out as I forge ahead in my grand project. Bookmark my blog and keep checking back to see what crazy things develop in my mind as I try to create the perfect and best Korean drama.


  1. Love what you have, you should check out my lee min ho fanfic at I would love to have another k-drama buddy :)

    1. Thanks! I just followed your blog, so we are Kdrama buddies now :P I will read your stuff later, sadly I have to go to bed now so I can wake up and go to work tomorrow (the worst).

  2. My girlfriend is a gumiho is the best korean drama that i watched so far. I also love Lee Minho's Faith.

    Would you mine if you will check out my blog site?

  3. Nice selection of actors! I too sometimes imagine myself making my own kdrama. I love romantic comedies, fantasy (supernatural), with a little bit of drama that can make us cry at times (eg. My GF is a Gumiho) and most important of all, it should have a HAPPY ending! So I thought it would be great to do a remake of "DATE WITH AN ANGEL", korean version ofcourse but a better one. Lately I've been so into Lee Dong Wook. I started liking him way back 2005 or was it 2006 in My Girl but forgot about him eventually. When I watched Wild Romance, I didn't really recognize him since he lost a lot of weight but I thought he looked familiar. Then when I googled about him that's when I found out and started crushing on him again. Lol! Anyway obviously he would be the male lead and as for the female, maybe Lee Min Jung or Kim Tae Hee or Shin Min Ah (or me... LOL)coz I think they could really pass as angels. As for the bad yet funny female role I would like Jang Jee Hin coz I think she can play both roles very well (like Phoebe Cate's role in the movie). Anyway, that's my own personal view. My own "FANTASY" I should say... :)

    1. That would be amazing! I think Lee Dong Wook and Lee Min Jung would be sooo cute together. I watched Date With an Angel a long time ago, but talking about it makes me want to watch it again. You have a great idea here :D

  4. What a fun idea! I really like what you have got for your personal drama so far (especially the bit that involves Lee Min Ho) and it has made me start thinking what I would like for my perfect drama.....probably a saguek I guess with maybe a bit of a supernatural element thrown in a la Arang and the Magistrate.

    It would have to be hardcore sweeping and romantic and the main couple would go through hell......but totally end up together with a beautiful happy ending!

    Definitely Kang Dong-won for the male lead for me (as if he would ever return to dramas...sigh), and I think Shin Mina for the female lead. Lots of pretty Hanboks as well as some cool action ad fight scenes would be perfect! I am going to be dreaming about my perfect drama all weekend....



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