Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The King of Dramas

I am not completely caught up with The King of Dramas yet (I am on episode 9), but I had to post something because I can't contain it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama. It is very interesting to watch a dramatized show about the making of Korean Dramas. It's so very postmodern. I never really know what to expect with each new episode (yes, their will be someone trying to stand in Anthony's way to stop Gyeongsong's Morning from airing), and I am hooked. In fact, I watched 7 episodes over the weekend. But, I almost didn't watch this drama because it looked boring, so I wanted to post this in case anyone else is on the fence.

Kim Myung Min as Anthony Kim
Kim Myung Min is Anthony Kim the aforementioned King of dramas. He will do anything to succeed, which caused his own downfall when someone died during the making of a popular drama. Now, he is trying to make his comeback, and is slowly learning that people are just as important as statistics and ratings. I love Anthony. Even though Myung Min is quite a bit older than me (16 years older, to be exact), I think he is sexy and a badass.

Jung Ryu Won as Lee Go Eun
Jung Ryu Won is Lee Go Eun the newbie drama writer who became unfortunately linked to Anthony during the making of Elegant Revenge (the aforementioned drama that started Anthony's downfall). She is spunky, smart, and awesome. She is learning from Anthony how to balance her empathy with his coldness to become successful in the drama world. She doesn't take crap from Anthony, and fights for her script every step of the way.

Choi Si Won as Kang Hyun Min
Choi Si Won is hilarious as Hyun Min. I would love to know if he got the inspiration for this character from some celebrity he knows (a member of Super Junior maybe?). I know he didn't write this character, but he can portray the snotty, stupid, and greedy Hyun Min perfectly. When he whines to his mom or demands to be deemed the main lead of the drama, I never once felt that he was a caricature of celebrity, it feels very genuine in a strange way.

I can't wait to watch more of this show, so I am going to end this post here, and I will write more later!

Watch The King of Dramas with English Subtitles http://www.viki.com/channels/9887-king-of-drama



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