Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 19

Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo
I feel like we are standing still. There is a quiet terror pacing through the veins of this show, and it keeps me on edge even if nothing much seems happen. In the first part of episode 19 of The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) Kang Ma Roo baits Han Jae Hee to turn herself in by offering himself up. My brain was expecting this at the end of episode 18, so I wasn't surprised. The scene still got a reaction from me, though, because I my heart is pained by Ma Roo's agony. He is so weighed down by the tremendous guilt he feels toward everyone (Han Jae Hee, oddly enough, Choco, Jae Gil, Eun Gi, maybe every human except himself?) that he doesn't even have the will or desire to get the surgery to save his health and life.

Kang Ma Roo
So, as Seo Eun Gi is burning inside with hatred toward Ma Roo and Han Jae Hee, Ma Roo is throwing gas on the flames. He tells Jae Hee to come to him, not for love, but out of the guilt he feels for taking responsibility for the murder. I'm sorry, but this doesn't make sense to me. I realize Ma Roo is a character in a melodrama, but asking me to believe someone would feel guilt over someone's descent into evil because of their own greed and wrongdoings is complete bullshit, even for a melodrama. Don't misunderstand me, though, I still love Ma Roo. I just can't comprehend that level of responsibility and empathy for others, I guess.

Ma Roo and Eun Gi
When this episode came to a close, Attorney Park was lying in the hospital bed for threatening to expose the truth about Eun Gi's father's death while Jae Hee, who is living in Ma Roo's old house, is claiming that she will never turn herself in until Ma Roo gives her his heart. I had naively thought that when Jae Hee realized what a pathetic person she is for allowing these men to take responsibility for her mistakes, she would choose the right path. But of course, she doesn't. I also thought that after Jae Hee demanding Ma Roo's love in exchange for taking responsibility for the murder, he would give in. Fortunately, at least at the end of the episode, he didn't hand himself over, and instead approached Eun Gi for a head-leaning-on-shoulder moment and a let's-run-far-away-together moment. Ahhhh, Kdrama cliches!

Also, I want this....

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  1. Hello there fellow Kdrama fan!
    I watched the last episode of Innocent Man. It wasn't the kind of ending I was hoping for because it looks to me like they cramp eveything in one episode. It was like they can't extend the drama so they just went ahead and try to fit everything in the last episode. There was a part I just don't get. Who is that little girl that Eun Gi took to the doctor (who is Kang Ma Ru)? I know she has a half brother but no sister so who is the little girl?

  2. I didn't even really think about it. I loved the ending! I cried so hard. I was just so relieved that Ma Roo was happy that I let go the little things that were left unresolved. I do agree, though, that some questions weren't fully answered. But, I am happy :)



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