Saturday, November 3, 2012

Full House Take 2 episodes 5-8

No Min Woo as Tae Ik gettin' naked

 To start off, I want to share something that I realized about this show. At first I thought the format was a bit strange, having 4 half-hour episodes per week. I discovered, though, that each video is actually a half of a full episode. So, my first post was technically about episodes 1 and 2, parts 1 and 2, and this post is about episodes 3 and 4, parts 1 and 2. I was wondering why they replayed such a long part of the previous episode at the beginning of the next because the videos are so short it seemed like a waste of airtime, but thinking about them as parts makes a lot more sense. Now, as far as the actual content of the show, episode 3, part 1 started off on a humorous note. I did think the Islam jokes were a little overboard, but comedy is all about extremes, and if some people get a bit offended then sorry, but that's just how comedy works. The naked scene in the sauna was funny as well. Tae Ik asked Man Ok later if she saw his schlong, she said no of course. I am going to assume that she did, though. And I also want to add that even though No Min Woo has such a tall, slender body, he does look good with his shirt off.

Tae Ik and Park
 In the next episode (episode 3 part 2, technically) the Take One guys hold a fan meeting and receive some ridiculous gifts from some Chinese girls. First let's talk about the jeweled mic, it was hilarious how they were both practically drooling over it, and Tae Ik was genuinely upset when it wasn't a gift for him. When I started the show last week, I found Tae Ik and Kang Hwi's petty fighting to be obnoxious, but since learning more about their personalities, I find them much more entertaining. What I can't possibly accept about this episode, though, is that someone who loves a musical idol like Tae Ik enough to make him some cat PJs wouldn't know that he ie allergic to fur. Don't those crazy fans know everything about their beloved idols? Anyway, the ugly cat pajamas lead to more drama when they are involved in the expensive missing watch scandal in episode 4 part 1.

Kang Hwi

The last episode of the week (episode 4 part 2) begins where the previous one leaves off with Take One performing. Kang Hwi's vision suddenly becomes blurry (it had happened briefly before during the fan meeting) and he stops mid-concert to try to regain his sight. When the tears started streaming from his eyes, I was like, "no!" He is so cute and sweet that I am going to hate to see him sick. Unfortunately, the last episode ends without a diagnosis from the Doctor on Kang Hwi's condition so it is still up in the air. On a lighter note, though,  it is becoming more clear that Tae Ik is interested in Man Ok more than he would like to admit. After she defends him and beats up that jerk executive, Tae Ik looks for her frantically until he finds her in the hole in the woods. I personally love a good worrying-and-searching-for-someone-they-say-they-don't-like-but-secertly-do scene, and this one was no exception. And, naturally, when they are forced to sleep together, Tae Ik notices how adorable Man Ok is. I think we all know where this is going! Let the love triangle begin!

Tae Ik and Hwang Jung Eum as Man Ok
I also want to add that the house in Full House Take 2 is amazing. I get why Tae Ik wants it, and is willing to act like a jerk as a pop idol to get it. Maybe Man Ok and Tae Ik will end up in it together in the end? I guess we'll wait and see.

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