Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 17

Song Joong Ki as Kang Ma Roo
Eun Gi is back! And you best believe that bitch is pissed. I have to admit, though, that I am happy she has returned. I love Moon Chae Won, but I especially love her as the bitchy Eun Gi and not so much as the air-headed Eun Gi who trusted everyone. Episode 17 of The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) is all about the wrath that Eun gi is bringing back with her returned memories. At the beginning of the episode, the last scene of episode 16 was replayed, and it still gives me chills. The whole 17th episode is frightening, though.

Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi

Eun Gi's act of pretending to still be the lost and sweet girl is like watching a sociopath prepare to slaughter an entire family, and this is precisely what Eun Gi has in mind. She wants to get her revenge on the Kang Ma Roo that pretended to love her as deeply as she loved him, but slapped her across the face by telling her that he would do anything to get Jae Hee back. This whole situation has my heart ripped in two. On one side, I want to say, "you go girl" to Eun Gi because she has every right not to trust Ma Roo based on the things he said and did while she was starting to fall for him. On the other side, though, my heart aches for Ma Roo. He has had such a dismal life, and fucked up his chance at being loved by Eun Gi (at least for now?). I also feel bad for Attorney Park. He tries so hard to take care of Eun Gi, but it seems that she would crush him like a bug under her heel, if necessary.

Ma Roo and Eun Gi
Now, as for that non-existent wedding, I knew right away that Eun Gi was the one who passed the story about Ma Roo and Jae Hee on to the media. I think Ma Roo knew too. His worst fear is becoming a reality as Eun Gi becomes an angry monster seeking to destroy. Clearly, to us viewers, what she believes of Ma Roo is not the case because she is his new single-minded motivation for living. The question, for me, is: will Ma Roo want to keep living now and get the surgery? I am concerned that he will choose the wrong path and do something tragic for Eun Gi's sake. As this episode ended, Ma Roo reveals to Eun Gi that he knew she remembered everything even before the wedding. From what I can tell in the preview for episode 18, the shit has hit the fan. What Ma Roo is thinking by kissing Jae Hee, I am not sure yet, but I imagine that there will be tears.

Ma Roo
Oh, and we get to see the title in the show during this episode in Eun Gi's notebook that she used while trying to regain her memories...

The nice guy never seen anywhere in the world
My Picasa edit for this episode! Moon Chae Won is my lover ;p

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