Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 15

While this episode of The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) wasn't as enthralling as some of the previous ones, there were some important plot-moving events that took place. That crazy bitch Jae Hee is still busy trying to keep Eun Gi out of Tae San, of course, but what baffles me is that she is trying to get back with Ma Roo. I mean, come on, does that makes any sense? I don't foresee Ma Roo ever forgiving Jae Hee, but since she is so determined to have him, I am afraid that she will somehow forcibly get him in the coming episodes. Clearly, she is capable of doing anything to acquire what she desires.

Ma Roo and Park Si Yeon as Jae Hee

Also, the inevitable reappearance of Eun Gi's ex-boyfriend finally happened. I had been expecting it because his character, while clearly important in Eun Gi's past, had been largely absent form the story. He is a minor character overall, but his contact with Eun Gi helped trigger her memory of telling Ma Roo that she had her first kiss with him (by the way, when she told him that, as he stood in rain with a deformed face, is one of my favorite scenes of this show so far). I loved the scene in this episode when Ma Roo and Eun Gi passed the couple who were making out, and they looked at each other like, "shall we?" They didn't then because, I believe, Ma Roo feels so guilty about what he caused to happen Eun Gi that he has a hard time letting himself be affectionate with her.

Song Joong Ki as Ma Roo and Moon Chae Won as Eun Gi

They get their kiss later, though, after Ma Roo is released from jail (another scheme trying to separate him from Tae San), and Eun Gi reveals that she remembers telling him that it was her first kiss. Eun Gi is willing to give up Tae San for the Ma Roo she knows and loves now, but what will happen when she regains all of her memories? Also, Ma Roo is pretending to want to takeover Tae San when he talks to Attorney Park, but I don't think that his intention at all. Is he trying to keep Attorney Park as a wedge between Eun Gi and himself because he knows he won't be able to leave her on his own? So many things that I want to know. But the preview for episode 16 looks thrilling. My body is ready to accept more Nice Guy!

Also, I love these two! Lee Kwang Soo as Jae Gil and Lee Yoo Bi as Choco

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Watch The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) episode 15 with English subs here


  1. Thanks for your insight! I LOVE Kdrama too and I am near you in Salem =)) I just finished Faith and I'm watching Nice Guy and really hoping for a good ending but I'm a little skeptical.

  2. Awesome! I am skeptical as well. That makes the happy scenes between Eun Gi and Ma Roo sad for me to watch because I keep imaging what could possibly happen to them in the last few episodes. But, I guess that's what we get for watching a melodrama!



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