Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Faith (The Great Doctor) final episode 24

O... M... G

I thought the last 20 minutes of Faith (The Great Doctor) were the best and most dramatic. After watching the last episode of this epic drama, I think the title Faith really fits. At the beginning of the episode the evil Gi Cheol goes completely cuckoo (starting from where episode 23 left off), and tells the king and everyone else that he will kill anyone who stands between him and eui seon (Eun Soo played by Kim Hee Sun). Gi Cheol had been noticibly quiet for the last few episodes, so it made sense for him to burst in and create a final conflict, and I think his character went from power-hungry tyrant to insane monster.

Yoon Oh Sung as Gi Cheol
After he kidnaps Eun Soo and takes her to the inn, it was as if Choi Young's head was on fire. But the situation is quickly resolved when he locates them (because Choi Young had a magical ability to find Eun Soo at any given moment no matter where she was) and finds out that she is no longer dying from the poison and can stay with him. When the flashback started, I began to get emotional. I mean, I have been loyally watching Faith every week for the last 3 months, and looking back on the sweet moments between Eun Soo and Choi Young got to me. Some flashback montages are ill-placed and pointless, but this montage was perfect at that moment.

Lee Min Ho as Choi Young
The sexiest part of the show happened in this last episode too. It was subtle and fleeting, but beautiful and perfect. As Choi Young and Eun Soo lay next to each other reveling in the fact that they can be together, after the agonizing months of uncertainty, Eun Soo looked at Choi Young lovingly and then ran her finger over his face. I always got the feeling that Choi Young was a very lonely person who desperately needed affection and warmth which is exactly what Eun Soo had to offer by the bucket loads. From the first moment they made physical contact when Choi Young abducted her in the first episode, up to the kiss in episode 10, and then the finger over the lips in this last episode, Choi Young seemed to be heeled from her touch. He was thawed from his frozen state and brought back to life by the fiery Eun soo.

Eun Soo
Choi Young

In the last 20 minutes of the episode Gi Cheol tries to get to  "heaven," but is not able to enter the gateway because of his poor intentions, I assume. So, in his uncontrollably insane anger, he fights with Choi Young (which made me sick to my stomach) and uses his power to leave him an inch from death. Eun Soo then jumps through the gateway and lands in 2012. The scene when she bursts into the hospital and is confronted immediately by the Japanese men is a bit odd, how much time had passed in the modern world? I couldn't tell, but it didn't seem to matter that much either. When she went back through the portal and ended up 100 years before the time she was in Goreyo with Choi Young, that's when I started to bawl. At first I was confused and distressed about the slip in her time traveling, but I think those few years that separated them were necessary. Could Eun Soo's faith bring her back to Choi Yoing? There is no doubt that he would wait for her, but did she change as a person after such a traumatic experience? Yes, she did. In the end her faith rewards her and she is reunited with the handsome Choi Young who is waiting for her in the very place that she had left him. Faith was an emotional roller coaster to watch, and I enjoyed every minute.

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  1. Thank you for your review,,, I needed it... This Exselent Dorama was very emotional for me to watch and I am sad that it ended but very happy for Eun Soo and Choi Young that they found each other... The final moments, didn't want them to end :))) These love story got to me... Wish that some day i will get to love someone like Eun Soo loves Choi Young...

  2. Seriously the very end episode i not understand. If she travel back to 100 years before, is she change the history by writing something in her diary? Or everything that happen during she was with choi young still happend ? If yes, then why others woodalchi's member couldn't recognize him except choi young... And when gi chul stab choi young i though he already dead. Help me to explain..thx

  3. I agree with Ira. How come the Woodaichi did not recognized her when she returned? Does it mean that it did not really happen? But how come Choice Young is waiting for her return. I really love the story though.

    1. The Woodaichi soldier who saw her wasn't someone who ever met her before. They obviously increased in numbers so he could have been a new recruit. The Woodaichi members that we all loved that showed up and had that conversation informing us and her where Young was, didn't see her. She just saw them from a distance and didn't really go say her hellos probably, since she was rushing to see Choi Young. :3

  4. It's nice to know, I'm not the only one who spontaneously burst into tears when the whole part where Eun Soo gets stuck a century behind. That - was unfair, alright? But considering how the whole thing worked out for everyone, in the end - i liked that part as well.



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