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My Korean Drama List

Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
This is my crowning achievement. It is the list of Korean dramas that I have watched or am watching. The VVIP list is in order of my love for them while the other lists are in no particular order. These dramas are all Korean unless noted otherwise, and the shows with X I have watched more than once. Of course this is a work in progress, so please stayed tuned. My list of things I'm currently watching is basically shows that I have started and want to finish. I also listed the dramas I want to watch in the future at the bottom.

Last updated 11/30/15


1.    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho X4
2.    Rooftop Prince X3
3.    Innocent Man/Nice Guy X3
4.    Summer Fever (Taiwanese)X2
5.    Fool's Love
6.    Ice Adonis
7.    I'm Sorry, I Love You
8.    Coffee Prince X3
9.    The Vineyard Man
10.   Arang and the Magistrate
11.   Fated to Love You (Korean version)

Great Ones

12.   Dream High
13.   Me Too, Flower
14.   Can You Hear My Heart?
15.   Invincible Lee Pyung Kang
16.   Kpop Ultimate Audition
17.   Big
18.   Secret Garden
19.   Shining Inheritance
20.   Boys Over Flowers
21.   Personal Taste X2
22.   49 Days
23.   City Hunter
24.   Queen In-Hyun’s Man
25.   Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Japanese)
26.   Hana Yori Dango (Japanese)
27.   Sungkyunkwan Scandal
28.   I Do, I Do
29.   Hana Kimi (Japanese)
30.   The Moon That Embraces the Sun
31.   Heartstrings
32.   Haeundae LoversX2
33.   Full House
34.   Answer Me 1997
35.   Faith
36.   The King of Dramas
37.   School 2013
38.   Fated to Love You (Taiwanese)
39.   Incarnation of Money
40.   Heartless City
41.   It Started With a Kiss (Taiwanese)
42.   Secret
43.   Just You (Taiwanese)
44.   The Heirs
45.   Good Doctor
46.   Master's Sun
47.   My Love From Another Star
48.   Emergency Couple
49.   Beyond the Clouds
50.   Sly And Single Again
51.   Full House (Thai)
52.   Oh My Ghostess
53.   EXO Next Door
54.   Healer
55.   Jeju Island Gatsby
56.   Falling in Love with Soon Jung
57.   Mask
58.   Sensory Couple

Good Ones

59.    Wild Romance
60.    Tamra, the Island
61.    Bridal Mask
62.    King 2 Hearts
63.    I Love Lee Tae Ri
64.    A Gentleman's Dignity
65.    Couple Fantasy
66.    To the Beautiful You
67.    Lie To Me
68.    My Princess
69.    Protect the Boss
70.    Flower Boy Ramen Shop
71.    Scent of a Woman
72.    You Are Beautiful
73.    My Girl
74.    Shut Up Flower Boy Band
75.    Prosecutor Princess
76.    Goong
77.    Hello Miss
78.    Office Girls (Taiwanese)
79.    Spy Myung Wol
80.    Creating Destiny
81.    The Greatest Love
82.    Panda and Hedgehog
81.    The Princess' Man
82.    Full House Take 2
83.    King of Baking Kim Tak Gu
84.    What's Up Fox?
85.    Flower Boy Next Door
86.    Padam Padam
87.    That Winter, the Wind Blows
88.    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang
89.    All About My Romance
90.    Gu Family Book
91.    When a Man's in Love
92.    Something Happened in Bali
93.    Shark
94.    Her Legend
95.    Smile You
96.    Surplus Princess
97.    My Love Eun Dong

Meh, I finished them

98.    Pasta
99.    Playful Kiss
100.    My Lovely Sam Soon
101.    Mary Stayed Out All Night
102.    Stars Falling From the Sky
103.    Baby-Faced Beauty
104.    I Need Romance 2012
105.    Love Rain
106.    Take Care of the Young Lady
107.    Becoming a Billionaire
108.   I Miss You
109.  Autumn in My Heart
110.  It's Ok, Daddy's Girl
111.  Marry Him If You Dare
112.  Oh My Lady
113.  Hundred Year Inheritance
114.  Can Love Become Money
115.  Fall in Love With Me (Taiwanese)

Couldn't finish

116.    May Queen
117.   Cheongdam-dong Alice
118.   IRIS
119.   What's Up
120.   You're the Best Lee Soon Shin
121.   Loving You a Thousand Times
122.   Stairway to Heaven
123.   Que Sera Sera
124.   I Hear Your Voice ( I should finish it, I know)
125.   Crazy Love
126.   Passionate Love
127.   Goong S
128.   Sweet 18
129.   I Summon You Gold
130.   A Thousand Days Promise
131.   A Little Love Never Hurts
132.   Level 7 Civil Servant
133.   Bride of the Century
134.   You're All Surrounded
135.   Love Myself or You? (Taiwanese)
136.   In a Good Way (Taiwanese)
137.   Triangle
138.   Trot Lovers
139.   Birth of a Beauty
130.   Yong Pal
141.   Pinocchio
142.   Angel Eyes
143.   Modern Farmer
144.   Blade Man
145.   Hyde, Jekyll, and I

Currently watching and still undecided on final rating

Scholar Who Walks the Night
She Was Pretty


Because It's the First Time
One Sunny Day
Oh My Venus
Twenty Again

I love your comments and suggestions, so please let me know if there is something I should watch.


  1. You MUST add both Shut Up Flower Boy Band and A Gentleman's Dignity to your list. Bromance + Romance make for the best Kdramas. Two completely different age groups are represented in these two dramas but I loved them both. They both also have great OST's. Completely different types of music but both download worthy (free at mp3skull)

    1. I did watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band (number 42) and I liked that "Jay walking" song. I really should download that OST. I haven't watched A Gentlemen's Dignity yet. But you're right, I really should. I will start that when I finish Bridal Mask.

  2. For me,Nice Guy is the best among all kdrama that i've watched in 2012.. ^__^ Have u finish watching May Queen? That drama such a disappoinment to me ;(

    1. Yeah, I really loved Nice Guy too. Have you had a chance to see Song Joong Ki in A Werewolf Boy yet? He's amazing :) I haven't finished May Queen yet, I'm on ep 18. I am having a hard time watching it... I don't know if I will finish it or not. Right now I'm focusing on I Miss You, The King of Dramas, and IRIS.

  3. Not yet.Really wanna see that but the country I'm staying right now wouldnt have it in the cinema, so I'll depend on the website, which have also an eng subtitle later :)
    Oh,If its okay I wanna recommend to you to stop watching MQ before you got angry,bored,frusrated later with the plot shown towards the end of the series. I keep seeing it only bcoz of Jae won. Wanna see if it has a good ending though, Fortunately yes. A typical one. Hehe ^_^
    Ohh i see, how bout The King of Dramas. Is it good?

    1. KoD is great. It started off amazing. The last few episodes weren't as good, but I still liked the drama overall.

  4. Great selection of k-series. I love some of them esp. Playful Kiss and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, both are my all time favorite.

    1. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is soooo good. I think I want to watch for the third time pretty. It's been a year since the first time I watched it almost.

  5. Have you tried watching OH, MY LADY? Just finished watching it and I think it was quite good. Laughed and cried a lot. Maybe you'd like it too. :)

    1. I haven't tried it yet, but I keep seeing it on Hulu and Drama Fever and I've thought about it. Now that you recommended it, I will def have to give it a try! :)

    2. Just thinking you might like it 'coz looking at your VVIP list I guess we have the same taste, more or less. 5 out of 8 are also my favorite. 3 of them I have not watched yet. As for OH! MY LADY, (spoiler alert!) it doesn't have the best, grandest ending (quite shortened actually) but it is satisfying. For most of it, the story is really touching. Like I said, I laughed and cried a lot and giggled a little (even all at the same time in some scenes) LOL!. If that makes sense! Choi Siwon is quite yummy (oh the abs! hahahaha!) and the little girl is just soooo adorable! So yeah, please give it a try. We might have the same crazy reactions! :)

  6. You must finish Cheongdam-dong Alice, it ended great!! I have a friend who stoped watching it at episode 10, but has not started it up again cause i told her it ended well :)

    1. I don't know why, but I really couldn't get into Cheongdamdong Alice. I liked the first ep, but it fell apart for me after that. I think I watched like 8 or 9 episodes. I might try to finish it this summer...

  7. I have my lists too. Really nice Korean dramas.

    Currently watching 'Goddess of Jung-yi'

    1. How is that drama so far? I'm not sure if I'm going to watch it. I started Master's Sun and Good Doctor. They're both really good

  8. Watch doctor stranger!
    I think you will put it into great ones of yours!



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