Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30 Day Kdrama Challenge: Day 1

I was browsing on Tumblr, as I do, and I came across someone's post about their 30 Kdrama challenge. I've seen posts about these challenges before, but I never really thought anything about it. Tonight, though, I have decided to proceed with the challenge. Yes, this means I will publish mini posts every day for 30 days in accordance with the challenge.

If you want to join me, I will be using this challenge from heckyeahtumblrchallenges.tumblr.com. I will also post my daily challenge on my Tumblr.

So here we go...

Day 1: Your Favorite Kdrama

Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi
source: me!
Well, my favorite Kdrama is still the very first one that I ever watched, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. It is comedy, tragedy, and romance in perfect harmony.The lead actors and secondary actors play their parts just right, and the whole drama gives off a radiant sincerity that I was (almost) instantly attracted to. I was baffled by the intensity of my emotional attachment to the characters, and I regret nothing. I am glad this is the first Korean drama that I watched because it encouraged me to watch more.

Watch My Girlfriend is a Gumiho on DramaFever

My 30 Day Kdrama Challenge posts

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Day 08: Your Favorite Line/s by a Female Lead Character
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Day 16: A Kdrama you started but can’t finish
Day 17: A Kdrama you’ve watched more than once
Day 18: The Worst Kdrama that you’ve watched until the end
Day 19: Your Best Actor
Day 20: Your Best Actress
Day 21: Your Worst Actor
Day 22: Your Worst Actress
Day 23: Your Best Couple
Day 24: Your Worst Couple
Day 25: Your First Jdrama
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Day 28: A Kdrama not loved by many that you seem to like
Day 29: A Kdrama which made you so happy
Day 30: A Kdrama which made you so sad

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