Wednesday, May 22, 2013

That Winter, the Wind Blows FULL OST [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Hello my lovely blog readers! You have been asking for it, and now I have found the ENTIRE That Winter, the Wind Blows OST (그 겨울, 바람이 분다 OST)! This drama features some of the best ballads and instrumental songs of any Korean drama I have seen. I downloaded the rar file, unpacked it, and uploaded each file for you, so pleeeease love me ^__^ I have posted the links below to the individual tracks. Enjoy!

Album info
Artist: Various
Language: Korean
Genre: OST
Release Date: May 16th 2013

Click here to download: 1. Gray Paper 먹지

Click here to download: 2. Snowflakes눈꽃

Click here to download: 3. Winter Story 겨울사랑

Click here to download: 4. Tears Fallin' Guitar Version

Click here to download: 5. And One 그리고 하나

Click here to download: 6. Winter Story Piano Version 겨울사랑

Click here to download: 7. Tears Fallin' Piano Version

Click here to download: 8. Winter Story 겨울사랑

Click here to download: 9. Blind Love

Click here to download: 10. I Wanted to Live 살고 싶다

Click here to download: 11. With U

Click here to download: 12. Goodbye Happiness

Click here to download: 13. 78 Billion (억)

Click here to download: 14. I Don't Need Your Love 사랑따윈 필요없어

Click here to download: 15. It's Over

Click here to download: 16. Winter Wind 겨울바람

Click here to download: 17. Chamber of Secrets 비밀의 방

Click here to download: 18. Open Your Eyes

Click here to download: 19. Poker Face 포커페이스

Click here to download: 20. Misunderstanding 오해

Click here to download: 21. Black Jack 블랙잭

Click here to download: 22. Warm Eyes 따뜻한 눈빛

Click here to download: 23. Room's Spirit 영이의 방

Click here to download: 24. Winter Story Orchestra 겨울에 만난 사랑

These are all links to my personal 4shared account. If there are any issues with the downloads please comment on this post because I am much more likely to check here. Also, if you could comment when you download them to let me know that they do work or don't I would greatly appreciate it! Saranghaeyo!

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    1. Yay! That's what I wanted to hear. I love you too:p

  2. tqvm for the full OST but i still looking the background music at 05:18 - 07:09

  3. I really like it! Thanks a lot!

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  5. Like it so much.. 고마워
    사랑 해

  6. Thank you for sharing the OST! My friend loves the series so much...

    - spoliarium98

  7. Jongmal kamsahamnida!

  8. Hi. Thank you so much for sharing the full OST. For songs number 3 and 8, the title should be "Winter Love". :)

  9. Thank you so much!!!!! You rock for posting these up!!!
    I love the I wanted to live OST! I love that song so much! <3

  10. Blind Love is epic


  11. can u find some music background at ep 2 when oh young tell oh soo 2 push her when train came arrived..can't find that music background anywhere.. it's sound like a guy was humming...please...

  12. Some of the links are not working :((=

    1. Yes, I think 4shared removed some of them. I'll work on fixing it.

  13. thank you, its so much helping even some song couldn't working

  14. yeah, some of the links couldn't working :(

  15. Please can you upload the rar file pleassssssseeeeeee....???? :(



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