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Korean and Taiwanese Drama Suggestions and recommendations!

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So, if you follow me on Tumblr, you may have noticed that I recently posted my updated Asian Drama List (click here to view on blog) (click here to view on tumblr). I got a great response from it, and a lot of suggestions. I thought I would share them with you all because you might also be looking for suggestions, or you might have even more to add to the list. Disclaimer: As I stated above, these are suggestions that I received from my awesome tumblr chingus, and, while I trust them with my heart, I cannot vouch for the quality of all these dramas because I haven't watched them, hence the reason they were recommended to me. If you want to see my recommendations and VVIP dramas please look here or read my reviews here.

These suggestions are compiled from recommendations made by: withoutaffection, sarangdrama, daezelochan, r3cklessbeauuutyy, ultrakdramamama, ifil-ifellinlove, ocat25, ocddee, bitinglightning, xiao-lulu, annemarcus, wanna-wonder-about-fandoms, officialbootyhunter, d-x2, shineestofuleader14, tattooednoonaSalve Grace Losbanes (via twitter). I received a few anon tips, so I can't tag you, but thanks! Also, if I managed to miss you but you recommended something (tumblr doesn't make it easy to keep track of messages or replies), please let me know so I can tag you.

Currently Airing Dramas:

1.   Secret Love Affair
2.   Emergency Couple (I'm totes caught up now)
3.   Bride of the Century
4.   God's Gift/ 14 Days
5.   Sly and Single Again/ Cunning and Single Again

Off-Air Dramas:

6.   I Hear Your Voice (I watched most of this last summer, I need it sometime)
7.   Let's Eat
8.   Nine
9.   Two Weeks
10.  Witch Yoo Hee
11.  Take Care of Us Captain
12.  Painter of the Wind
13.  Dalja’s spring
14.  9th end 2 outs 
15.  Tree of heaven/summer scent 
16.  World’s within 
17.  Wish upon a star 
18.  Last scandal in life
19.  When night comes
20.  One mum three dads
21.  Monstar
22.  Can we get married
23.  Snow Queen
24.  Lovers in Paris

Taiwanese, Chinese, and other Asian Dramas:

25.  In time with you
26.  Love You (Taiwanese)
27.  Love at the Corner (Taiwanese)
28.  Romantic Princess (Taiwanese)
29.  Down with Love (Taiwanese)
30.  Why Why Love (Taiwanese)
31.  Devil Beside You (Taiwanese)
32.  Frog Prince (Taiwanese
33.  Meteor Garden 1&2 (Taiwanese)
34.  Princess Returning Pearl (Chinese)
35.  Prince who became a frog (Taiwanese)
36.  100% Nanny daddy (Singapore drama)
37.  再生緣 (Hong Kong drama)

Keep 'em coming and Saranghae!

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  1. Thats a really useful list! Particularly for the Taiwanese and Chinese dramas.



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