Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Where to Watch Asian Dramas Online

Sadly, the video hosting site dramacrazy.net exists no longer. It was a great place to find thousands of dramas, movies, variety shows, etc. However, there are other sites out there where you can watch your Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese and other Asian dramas with subtitles and raw for free or paid. Here is a list of links to some drama sites to watch online or to download dramas. I personally use the first three sites most frequently.
UPDATE!!!! Dramacrazy is back! It has moved to Dramacrazy.eu
  1. DramaFever.com
  2. Viki.com
  3. Hulu.com
  4. Netflix.com
  5. crunchyroll.com
  6. Gooddrama.net
  7. epdrama.com
  8. dramaholics.com
  9. yodrama.com
  10. dramaload.com
  11. d-addicts.com/forum/  (torrent downloads)
  12. kshow.tv
  13. koreandrama.tv
  14. drama.net
  15. koreandrama.org
  16. alodrama.com
  17. doramax264.com (download)
  18. kshowlist.com (variety shows)
  19. myent.asia (coming soon)
  20. kshownow.net
  21. dramafans.org
  22. sugoideas.com (Taiwanese Dramas)
  23. dramasub.com
  24. k24h.com
  25. watchdrama.ch
  26. kpopweb.net (raw downloads)
Best Android apps for watching Asian dramas
  1. Viki
  2. Hulu
  3. DramaFever
  4. WatchWhat Asian Drama

I've used all of the apps above, and they all work pretty well for me. I don't really know anything about what works on apple products.
I haven't tried all of the drama sites. If you find that some of them work well or if there are some that really suck, please leave a comment. I will add more links as I come across them.


  1. Thank you so much for doing providing this list. I didn't know of half of these places before. (^_^)

    1. You're welcome. Let me know which ones work well for you pleeease

  2. Hulu and Netflix work pretty good in general. I used Dramafever on my iPhone and it worked pretty well. It wasn't (at the time) set up for iPad. That might have changed. And I only watched the three.

    1. I've had ongoing issues with the DF app. I love the site, but the app is so-so. It works great on my Note II, but it's really glitchy on my tablet.

  3. No more dramacrazy? I was so sad when mysoju went down too. The organization made it easy to find new dramas. I personally use viki the most since installing ad block lets you watch uninterrupted. Nothing like a pop tart commercial to ruin the mood.

    1. Oh my god! Seriously eff those pop tart commercials. They are really loud and it's the same ad over and over. Also, ads on Viki aren't timed out well so they usually interrupt dialog. Turning on ad block is a must for that site. Great tip.

  4. #dramania is also a great android app for kdrama
    i think its the best..



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