Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We Got Married: Global Edition Final Episode 15 Review

We Got Married: Global Edition is a sweet reality show centered on two couples who are pretending to be married. This is the global edition because the female half of each couple is from a different country than the guys, who are both from Korea. Watch it free and subtitled on DramaFever

Couple 1: Ok Taecyeon and Gui Gui (Emma Wu, Wu Ying Jie)

When this show first started, I found these two to be extremely hilarious, but I didn't seem ANY romantic chemistry between them. I think Gui Gui is adorable, and her "character" in this "reality show" (I'll get to that later) reminds me of how Jessica Simpson acted during her Newlyweds era. Taec was like her older brother/dad in the beginning because he's so stiff and dorky. In the last episode they sat down to talk and it became apparent that they had formed at least a friendship. Even though Gui Gui's English isn't great, Taec got to know her well enough that he could understand her heart even if the words weren't coming out right, and I thought that was sweet. Surprisingly, of the two couples I think Taec and Gui Gui's parting was the more emotional and real. Either Emma is a really good actor, or she was genuinely distraught at the idea of parting with her oppa (I think it's the latter of the two).

Couple 2: Lee Hong Ki and Fujii Mina

Mina and Hong Ki were adorable. There were many times when they had physical contact that I could feel actual sparks between them. Maybe I just wanted there to be electricity so I imagined it, but they really did seem like a couple. While Taec and Gui Gui were completely opposite, Hong Ki and Mina shared a similar weirdness. For their goodbye, they reenacted their meeting in the bookstore. It was very cute, funny, and sad. After Hong Ki's final performance for Mina at the drive-in theater, I felt a pang of sadness and wondered "will these two ever see each other again?

Overall, I enjoyed this show. I laughed, I cried, and I laughed some more. The main couples were great, but the guests made the show even better. It was especially awesome when Taec's fellow 2PM band member Nick Hun came to visit and Gui Gui, who had been asking about him constantly, wasn't that affected. Also, Kwanghi is hysterical! More than the "virtual romance" I enjoyed the comedy and the fun of We Got Married: Global Edition.

While I never felt the slightest inclination that anything happening was realistic (the set up scenarios, the "you're my wife!" realizations, and the idea that anything would happen outside of the show for these couples), I would like to think that the evolution of the couples' feelings for each other from the beginning to end were somewhat real. On a side note: those little messages and graphics that pop up during Korean variety/ reality shows are still strange to me. It's probably because I'm not use to them, but I don't really think they're necessary. The audience isn't dumb enough to need the word "happy" displayed on the screen next to someone's smiling face. Years of living in the human world have taught me that. But I digress.

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