Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The King of Dramas Final Episode 18

Kim Myung Min as the BAMF Anthony Kim
The King of Dramas episode 18 marked the end of a great drama, and I am sad that it is over. The final episode was OK. I feel that everything was resolved, and I don't feel the conclusion cheated the viewers out of anything. was it a perfect ending? No. The episode had a rushed feeling to it that is reminiscent to the way things were wrapped up in Innocent Man. The drama within the drama aired with great success, but we see very little of this aspect of the show. Gyeongsong's Morning seemed to play a smaller and smaller role in the later episodes of the drama, but it was the main back bone that supported all of the relationships. The focus in these last episodes turned away from Gyeongsong and was placed on Anthony and Go Eun's romance which wasn't significant in the beginning. I wasn't even sure if they would be a couple when I first stared watching, and I found that refreshing.

Oh Ji Eun as Min Ah and Choi Si Won as Hyun Min
Back Hug

As for the other Gyeongsong's Morning couple, I am happy to report that Hyun Min and Min Ah ended up together. They make an attracitve couple, and they have a great balance of sophistication and goofiness. They are definitely as pretty (f not more pretty than Brangelina, the celebrity couple to which they compared themselves). In the final part of the episode we are fast forwarded one year into the future where we see Min Min working together on a CF and looking perfect. And of course, Jung Ryu Won as Lee Go Eun and Kim Myung Min as Anthony Kim, has a happy end through all the tribulations as well.

The King and Queen
After getting into an accident while racing to deliver the tape for the last episode of their drama, Anthony nearly died. He had given up his chance at the possibility to keep his sight via a special treatment in Florida in order to attend to a crisis on the set. I need to stop here for a moment to mention a few strange things. I don't feel like doing the research, but doesn't a flight from Korea directly to "Florida" seem odd? Also, who refers to flying to Florida? Wouldn't you say that you are flying to a certain city or airport? I just thought the whole thing was a bit strange, but I don't really know anything about International flight so I will stop here. Anyway, Anthony almost died, but Go Eun believed in him like he did her, so he was able to muster the strength to wake up. In the end Anthony was presenting the idea that radio dramas like War of the Worlds could become the next big thing. I love that Anthony is such smooth talker. Even with his disability Anthony was still working it and trying to create a "daebak" product. Go Eun and Anthony are the king and queen of dramas. As Go Eun said, "Even though he is just a third-rate producer now, he is still the king of dramas in my mind."

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