Monday, September 9, 2013

Ok Taecyeon: The Hottest Dork

Basic info

Name: Ok Taecyeon
Date of Birth: December 27th 1988
Location: Born in Busan, Korea moved to Massachusetts, and then back to Korea
Languages: Korean, English, and Japanese
Profession: Actor, Singer, Model, Dancer, Composer, Songwriter
Debut: 2008

If you've watched We Got Married: Global Edition, then, like me, you may have noticed Ok Taecyeon's dorkiness. He has a very cautious and logical approach to things, and he is easily embarrassed. At first I thought it might just be an act because just about everything else about WGMGE seemed so scripted and planned, but since he held so strong to that trait all the way through the series, I would like to think he's at least a bit like in the show. On the flip side of his geekiness is the greased up sex god that comes out when he's performing with 2PM or working modelling jobs.

source: Mens Health

I think his drama persona is so different from his musical persona that I wonder who the true Taecyeon is. Either way, I think that his acting in Dream High and in Who Are You is great, and I want to see more of his acting in the future. Also, we got a taste of his music and lyric writing talents in WGMGE and I was impressed by that. A man who can write a good love song is very attractive.

Taecyeon with Gui Gui in We Got Married Global Edition


Who Are You (2013)
99 Days with the Superstar (2011)
Dream High (2011)
Cinderella's Sister (2010)


Marriage Blue (2013)



  1. That Men's Health picture doesn't even look like him!

    1. I know! It's like there are two different Taecs, and I'm not sure which one is more real. I guess he's just a very dynamic person.

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