Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Best Korean (and Taiwanese!) Dramas to Watch When You Want to Cry

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes it feels good to just completely let go and bawl your eyes out.  This is especially true when you're not crying about something horrible happening in your own life, but about something horrible happening to beautiful Asian actors. I have come up with a list of a few dramas to watch when you are looking to cry your eyes out. So get your box of tissue, roll of toilet paper, or whatever you use to blow your nose ready because it's time to start the water works. Note: this list is a work in progress because I am always finding new dramas to cry about so I will update it periodically.

I'm Sorry, I love You
There once was a hot ahjusshi and a sad woman who looked like a little girl. This drama is the epitome of melodramatic Asian entertainment. If you don't cry while watching this, then I don't think you have a heart. Watch it on

49 Days
This drama is about what happens after death and death's devastating affect on those who remain living. The beautiful lead actors give heart-wrenching performances and the plot of this drama is so unique that it lays the perfect foundation for complete emotional immersion into the world between life and death. Watch it on

Summer Fever
This is the first Taiwanese drama that I really loved, and it initiated my Tdrama obsession. I describe this drama as a miracle because it appears, on the surface, to be an ordinary story of young summer love, but it becomes a beautiful account of a woman's struggle to live and love. I cried so hard while watching this one night that the next morning my eyelids were so puffy and crusty that they would barely open. I had to use the cold spoon treatment to lessen the swelling. I promise I'm not being dramatic. Also, I listen to the opening and closing themes from this show almost every night. They are amazing songs. Watch it on
Nice Guy
This drama ends up on a lot of my lists mainly because it's so great and all-encompassing. The push-and-pull love story between the two leads is emotionally draining, but their shared fate keeps them together and makes for a glorious tearjerker. Watch it on
Fated to Love You
This Taiwanese drama begins with an over-the-top story about two people who slept together completely by mistake. I wasn't fully convinced of their love at first, but this show took me by surprise. Episode 12 is so sad it will break your heart. Unfortunately the last half of the drama drags on for way too long, but there are enough good scenes in this drama to make up for the unnecessary ones. Watch it on

Full House
This is one of those unfortunate tales of two people who are forced together, hate each other when they have a chance to start something, and then love each other when it's extremely inconvenient. Song Hye Kyo and Rain make such a gorgeous couple that it's easy to forgive their naivety in the beginning. I cried a lot while watching this mostly out of sheer frustration and sadness for them. Watch it on


  1. I don't think I've EVER cried to the point of puffy eyes the next morning.

    1. I wouldn't recommend ir. I couldn't even finish the last 2 episodes that night. It was too much for me. Gaaaaahd, just thinking about how it ended.... nooooo Xiao Qing noooooooo

  2. Nice Guy/ Innocent Man soo love it! Heart breaking story. If i were to be on Eun Gi's position, abandoning her position, wealth and family for Love, then would know afterwards that i was actually decieved. Hell! ambulance pleeaaassee

    1. Yeah, she really opened her heart up just for it to be trampled on. Moon Chae Won did a great job in that role.

  3. Autumn's Concerto should be on the list :)

    1. I keep meaning to finish it. I'm on ep 5 right now. If I cry a lot, then I'll add it :p



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